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  1. doobs

    Film in paper developer?

    I've got some Agfa Neutol paper developer sitting around and I'm out of film developer, however, I've got a bunch of film that needs developing. Rather than wait to have chemicals come to me, why not use what I have? The question is this: can I use said Neutol as a film developer? Has anyone...
  2. doobs

    Dillon's Beach

    I don't really like landscape photography, personally, but I was there so I figured I'd try my hand at it anyway. This was an alright shot, I guess, but I'm not sure, what do you all think of it? I didn't get the foreground lit up enough I don't think. All help would be appreciated. Info...
  3. doobs


    Haven't posted anything in a while. Having a show, so trying to get stuff together for that. Here's some toy camera shots: Diana +, Ilford HP5+ in Xtol 1:1. Scanned with Epson 4490: Holga 120N, Kodak Plus-X in Xtol 1:1. Scanned with Epson 4490: A ton of other stuff is up on my Flickr...
  4. doobs

    Scanning Cross-Processed Transparencies

    How do you all do it? What's your technique? I am scanning some x-pro'd Velvia 100 and it's coming out all weird.
  5. doobs

    Pyro Developer

    I tried PMK Pyro Developer. Didn't like it.
  6. doobs


    I've decided I like taking pictures of walls.
  7. doobs


    Did this happen?! This is not a multiple exposure.
  8. doobs


    Some recent stuff: This is all pretty abstract, I guess. Curious as to what the majority of you all here think about this weird style I've been interested in lately.
  9. doobs


    Point Reyes/Dillon's Beach, CA
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  11. doobs

    Polaroid abstraction

    A series on textures and surfaces I've been "working" on. Not really sure if this is anyone forte here, but I figured it's been a while since I've posted anything.
  12. doobs

    School shots

    Took my camera to school, here's some decent pictures that came out: These were all shot using a Canonet QL17 GIII and guessed exposures. I based most of my exposures on the Sunny 16, except for when I was indoors, when I just hoped for the best. Strangely, I had near-perfect exposures on every...
  13. doobs

    Graflex TLR 200?

    I've noticed a "Graflex TLR model 200" on a local photo store's used equipment webpage. The thing's 75 bucks, and I've wanted a TLR for a while, though I can't find any information it. Any knoweledge would be helpful, and is this a good buy? I think I might walk up there and check it out later...
  14. doobs

    Finally printed that P3200 / Postcards

    So I printed up a ton of prints on Ilford's Double-Weight Multigrade 4x6 postcard paper for APUG's Postcard Exchange. These prints are both from those TMax P3200 test rolls I shot. Nothing fancy, nothing that great, just thought they looked like postcard material :P. Anywho, thought you all...
  15. doobs

    Photographers whose names I couldn't remember

    There's some people I've really been looking to find, and I'll try to describe them as much as I can, if anyone knows and can help, it would be awesome! - A woman who used an 8x10 camera with a 4x5 lens (for the vignetting, I guess) and took pictures of her children and stuff. Most (I think...
  16. doobs

    160 Megapixel Digital Wow. My friend (non-photographer) is telling me how he won a debate we had a while back that film is still a better choice for capturing the best image...
  17. doobs

    Polaroid J66

    I found a Polaroid J66 at a local antique mall for around $20 and looks to be in excellent condition. It comes with a nice case and a pack of flashbulbs as well. I was looking at it for quite a while, but the store was closing so I had to leave. I've looked around on the internet and can't find...
  18. doobs

    Different films; same dev time.

    Say I've got two rolls of film here, from different companies with different emulsions and different speeds. However when pushed or pulled to a certain EI and coincidentally having the same development times. Would it be safe to process both films together in order to not waste chemicals and...
  19. doobs

    PX625 batteries

    Hay guise, I just recently purchased a Canon Canonet QL17 GIII (For under $10!) with 40mm f/1.7 lens and I read on Camerapedia that it takes a PX625 battery that is discontinued in the US. The site then goes on to say that I can use a PX625A battery, but the exposures will be off. My question...
  20. doobs

    A building

    Curious as to if this works for anyone. Not sure if I like it or not. Took a few rolls of Fuji Superia 200 with the ME Super to CSUS at about 8:30 and was trying to see if I could find anything decent. Any comments would be cool.