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  1. PerfectlyFlawed

    WTB~ Nikon d300s

    Got one? now or near future? Shoot me a message and a price! Thank you!
  2. PerfectlyFlawed

    Last of the Bride in Black

    Nice to see something not so Cliche :) btw, your engineering watermark...totally throws off the wedding thing lol Not like it matters--Just first thing I noticed. ~_~
  3. PerfectlyFlawed

    C&C Portrait (New here)

    The person on the left of the photo is totally creepy. Agreed. I like the method of retro Processing used though~ Remove creeper.. and keep the shot!
  4. PerfectlyFlawed

    Xmas photo

    Under exposed. Blurry/out of focus.... Cute idea.. But Maybe retake it, sharper, or bump up the Iso or lighting?
  5. PerfectlyFlawed

    Black Friday Sale!

    Mos don't release the "secret promo code" or flyer with door busters until last min.... Ive only been doing what Ive been noticed done else where. Never hurts to try. So far.. its not hurting one bit. :) But Thanks!
  6. PerfectlyFlawed

    Black Friday Sale!

    Photographers who offer specials or promotions for their "stuff ".... prints, sessions, etc. Do you offer Black Friday Deals? If So...What? Thinking about offering print discounts or something for Black Friday, something fun to do. Wanted to see who else may be doing it!
  7. PerfectlyFlawed

    Yay or Nay?

    Holy HDR...... tone it down a bit? Seriously... Aside from the over powering processing...the composition and image itself is powerful.
  8. PerfectlyFlawed

    Bookmarks / favorites

    That being said by someone with 5,336 posts.
  9. PerfectlyFlawed

    DSLR or Cell Phone?

    I think its hilarious the morons with iPhones trying to be the worlds next best Photographer.
  10. PerfectlyFlawed

    Sensual model in B&W

    Absolutely gorgeous shot.. very sensual... leads your eyes to details. Lighting is very soft & subtle. Great job !:thumbup:
  11. PerfectlyFlawed

    Old Mill in Little Rock in Spring

    The entire image looks muddy, like it was recovered in Post processing due to being blown out. Would have been a gorgeous shot, has you captured better lighting.
  12. PerfectlyFlawed

    Fall In Tennessee.....

    The Composure of your first shot 3/4 slanted is highly annoying.
  13. PerfectlyFlawed

    FS: Pristine - Nikon D300, Zeikos vertical grip, plus more.

    Why do amazing deals like this come when I dont have the money >.< Grr.
  14. PerfectlyFlawed

    YOU and YOUR camera!

    Here's my totally cheesy Cliche contribution.
  15. PerfectlyFlawed

    B&W - Oregon Coast through my eyes...

    Oops, I knew I forgot something!(Numbers , haha) Thanks for the critique. By 7, what do you mean "old"? As far as 6, I love silhouettes, the bird was ridiculously close to my car perched on a fence overlooking the Sea lions, so I shot that out the window. It wasnt zoomed into a tree from...
  16. PerfectlyFlawed

    B&W - Oregon Coast through my eyes...

    Some shots I favored from my last trip to the Oregon coast (July/August) . Any critique is always welcome, thank you! 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.)
  17. PerfectlyFlawed

    Thinking of upgrading to d90

    If youre gonna upgrade... go for the D7000.... much better. Full frame is over rated, imo. Bunch of people with too much money to blow on pictures of their kiddos, thinking their sh*t dont stink most of the time...some actually utilize them correctly.
  18. PerfectlyFlawed

    silhouette for My Friend...

    Amazing colors.... :) love it.