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    What are you listening to *right now*?

    Cold Play In My Place
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    I really like The Cathcher in the Rye. It was the first book to really get me thinking about life.
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    I have some pictures that i want to get online but i have no digital camera or scanner... and i certainly can't offord one.. I don't even have a job! Haha.. anywya is there anyway that i could get them on a c.d or something.. like i don't know if you can go to wal-mart and ask them to put them...
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    OH NO!

    I recently found that on the mirror inside my cmera that there is a mark... it does not effect the pictures however.. but i was wondering if i could get rid of it some how... can or should i replace the mirror? -Lucas
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    What kind of Editing programs do you use? And not just iMovie because i don't have a mac :cry:
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    Mamiya 645AFD

    I was looking at the ads in this months Outdoor Photographer and i have been wantng to ask you guyts and gals about the Mamiya 645AFD Film+Digital Camera. I wanted to know what you guys and gals thought? thanks -Lucas
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    GO BRUUUUIIIIIINNNNNNSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There taken it this year just like the SOOOOXXXX!
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    How do I not be a newbie anymore? -Lucas
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    Digital Video

    I have been recently looking for a good quality low priced digital video camera... My friends and I often make movies and i was looking for a digital camefra so it would be alot easier to edit.. so if anyone has or knows of a good digital camera and mabye some editing software it would be...
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    Flash Games

    I Found this amuzing but rather difficult flash game. check it out its the motocross one just to warn people some of this website is a little offensive.. just to warn you( it nots that i look for the stuff but i found this webste form Call For Help on...
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    When is your birthday?

    sept. 27
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    What are you listening to?

    UnderOath, Leppards always good, uhh As I Lay Dying, Evergreen Terrace, Poison the Well, Scarlet(Not the girl group), uhh I do like some Cold Play... and thats all I can think of right now, and oh yea Sinai Beach... thats it.. great huh?
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    BEER or other drinks....

    I like root beer... it has beer in the name..
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    We'd love for you to introduce yourself!

    Hi I''m Lucas and i'm in 9th grade this year and i have been into photography for about 3 years now... I came here a little while ago but i never intorduced myself... This is a great place to learn and I love it. Thank You (Oh and i'm 14.. almost 15...sept.27)
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    Ok Thanks, I'll hold on to it, I don't know if i'm that good thought.
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    I have a Pentax K-1000 and i was wondering if I should replace it or not...and if I should wiht what?