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  1. cpelsy2k1

    The Red Barn from Reality to the Abstract

    I began shooting this red barn after sunset in order to capture its red glow while there was still a hint of light. However after i could no longer get a decent shot due to the poor lighting i started messing around with light trails. I think the results came out well... 1) The red barn in...
  2. cpelsy2k1

    Buffalos, Golf Carts and Palm Trees

    Yes, such a place exists. Its called "The Villages" and its located in Northern Florida: Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-04-04 Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-04-04 About 40 years ago someone got the bright idea to create an inclusive senior citizen community. Since that time its grown...
  3. cpelsy2k1

    Georgia (pollution) on my mind

    I was helping my Aunt move to Florida last weekend so i had the opportunity to take a lot of pictures on the way down the east coast. It is about a 21 hour drive from Rochester, NY to The Villages in Florida. Most of the time we were driving through the night, however early Saturday morning we...
  4. cpelsy2k1

    Around Carlisle, PA at sunset

    Hey All, I was traveling down the coast this weekend and decided to bring the camera with me. I haven't played around too much with taking pictures at 75 mph but around sunset i was started taking pictures on the highway and to my surprise they turned out well. Let me know what you think, also...
  5. cpelsy2k1

    Brick and mortar reflections

    Hey Everyone, I was down in the city (Rochester) last weekend and I came across this reflective bridge down on East Avenue. When i started looking around and saw the different reflections that came out of the bridge I tried to compose a shot that makes you think for a minute what exactly you're...
  6. cpelsy2k1

    A blistery cold afternoon in the ROC

    Hey Everyone, I was traveling back through the city a few weeks back and the sky was clear and blue so i couldn't pass up getting out of the car and taking some pictures. Welcome to Rochester Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-03-08 Parking garages are free on the weekend! Shot with Canon...
  7. cpelsy2k1

    Eclectic mix of photos from the auto show

    Hey Everyone, This post is a grouping of some of my shots from the Rochester International Auto Show last weekend. As a photographer these photos represent something new for me, they are the first batch of photos I shot exclusively in raw and they are also the first batch where i have really...
  8. cpelsy2k1

    Apple Aperture

    Hey Everyone, I am looking for some general comments and suggestions about somebody using aperture for the first time. Does anyone have any good websites to use for tutorials or any recommendations for getting started with this software? Any advice would be helpful!
  9. cpelsy2k1

    A night in downtown

    Friday night was perfect for pictures in upstate NY so Skiboarder72 and I went out to downtown Rochester to capture the city. Here are my results... 1) Facing North on the Genesee River (if you look closely in the background you'll see the Genesee Brewery) Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-02-24...
  10. cpelsy2k1

    A little car and driver photojournalism

    Hey Everyone, So Skiboarder72 and I have been venturing out into the elements the last couple of weeks in search of Epic pictures in the freezing cold!, or something of that sort. Anyway I'm still trying to figure out the proper color balance on my camera (among other things) and many of my...
  11. cpelsy2k1

    Nikon or Scion?

    Hey All, Skiboarder72 and I decide to battle it out against the -2 windchill today to get some pictures...luckily some of the shots turned out well. I couldn't decide which one of these shots I liked better, the focus on the camera or on the car. Any thoughts? The Nikon Shot with Canon EOS...
  12. cpelsy2k1

    Top reasons why not to renovate your room/house (final part - 25 pictures!)

    Hey Everyone, These are the final pictures from my room renovation that i started about a month ago. Pictures of the actual renovation can be seen here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3...
  13. cpelsy2k1

    Just a day at the beach

    Hey Everyone, Well its not California, but who says you cant go to the beach... Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-02-02 Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-02-02 Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-02-02 Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-02-02 Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-02-02 Shot with...
  14. cpelsy2k1

    Top reasons why not to renovate your room/house (part three)

    Hey Everyone, I have been telling the story of renovating my room over the past few posts: In this third post my room begins to take shape as the walls get painted and the...
  15. cpelsy2k1

    Top reasons why not to renovate your room/house (part 2)

    Hey Everyone, If you didn't have a chance to view my first post see the link below: So basically my fiance and I started redoing my room a few weeks ago and well needless to say its a lot of work. So this second set of photos will...
  16. cpelsy2k1

    Top reasons why not to renovate your room/house (part 1)

    Hey Everyone, So my fiancé and I needed something to do over the Christmas break so we decided to redo my room (I still live with the 'rents because I need to save money for the wedding). Anyway we began the process of renovating my room several weeks ago and I thought i would give everyone...
  17. cpelsy2k1

    What the heck happened to my town!

    So i was out shooting the other night and i realized my town has turned into a dump.... Graffiti makes for a friendly atmosphere Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-01-20 Did i mention there is a lot of graffiti? Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-01-20 This was the movie rental store, now its...
  18. cpelsy2k1

    Red Light, Green Light

    Hey Everyone, I thought these two shots complimented each other. They are from the my hometown, Spencerport, NY right in the village around 11pm. Let me know which shot you think has better exposure (I personally like the mood of the green light shot but let me know what you think!) or any...
  19. cpelsy2k1

    Rochester night shot in and out of focus (feedback welcome!)

    Hey Everyone, I took these three shots last week when i was out in the city at night. I messed around with getting the shot out of focus and i am wondering if anyone other than me finds the out of focus shots interesting, or if you have any tips for making interesting backdrops that are out of...
  20. cpelsy2k1

    Peppers, Pizza, and wings

    Hey All, This food was really too pretty to eat, well not before taking some pictures of it anyway Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-01-19 Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-01-19 Shot with Canon EOS 30D at 2008-01-19