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  1. SoulfulRecover

    Color Film and that Pastel Color

    I've always heard you should over expose your color film by a stop or two and bring it back down to the right exposure when scanning to get that pastel color people seem to get (specifically with Portra). Having done a little reading the other night randomly, I think I have the wrong idea about...
  2. SoulfulRecover

    Testing the new bedroom light (NSFW)

    The wife and I moved into a new place (over a year ago haha) and I wanted to give the new master bedroom a go to see what could potentially be done. I still need to get another two sets of sheer curtains for two of the windows but I think they came out alright. The windows face West...
  3. SoulfulRecover

    Wet Plate Holder

    Might be a dumb question, I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at wet plate on glass and was wondering if I could use my Calumet Cambo still with a wet plate holder or is that not possible?
  4. SoulfulRecover

    Books on Creative Concepts?

    Anyone know of a good book on creative concepts? Something that would help flesh out ideas and put them to practice? Or something similar?
  5. SoulfulRecover

    Entering a contest, need help deciding what to enter.

    I am entering a free large format contest which is something a don't typically do. I can submit 3-5 images, judged by Drew Nikonowicz, and I have two separate sets I am debating between. Which set would you prefer to see? I have my nit picks about them all and almost feel like scraping the...
  6. SoulfulRecover

    A Discussion On Cohesiveness

    I am starting to plan a year long endeavor on a single subject to concentrate on and I was looking to see what others thoughts were on what creates a cohesive series? Beyond the general topic, is there more to it for you? If you must know, I am working on a portrait series of the local...
  7. SoulfulRecover

    How to paint back drop?

    Figured this was the appropriate section to ask this. I have an old white paper back drop that's getting dirty and turning a yellow ish color. I have been wanting a nice painted back drop but figured I would try my hand at doing it myself. Only problem, I don't know how to create this look. What...
  8. SoulfulRecover

    Thoughts on potential new lenses

    Sold my Nikon 85mm f/1.8 the other week (didn't have much of a choice) and I was absolutely in love with this lens. The wife and I are making some changes financially that will greatly help us here soon which means I will eventually be in the market for a lens again. My all time favorite lens is...
  9. SoulfulRecover

    Boudoir Photoshoot (NSFW)

    My wife had been having some body image issues lately since the baby. She was finally feeling confident/body positive and wanted me to do some photos for her. She loves them, I think they are OK given the space we had and it resulted in someone wanting to do a paid shoot in the same fashion this...
  10. SoulfulRecover

    Light Meter Suggestions

    Considering a light meter but I'm not entirely sure what I should be looking at. I'd be using it for the 4x5 and I have about a $300 budget. I'd much rather spend half that but just an idea of what I can work with. I shoot portraits, mostly ambient light but I do have strobes. Any thoughts?
  11. SoulfulRecover

    Nikon FM2 foam seal

    I noticed my mirror was dirty yesterday after picking up a new lens. When I opened up the camera to clean the mirror, I noticed that the foam on the inside, up top, for the mirror was dangling down a bit and it was very brittle. It needs to be replaced and I'm wondering if its something I should...
  12. SoulfulRecover

    Testing out my new dining room

    Moved into a new place with some north facing windows and wanted to try playing in the light and space. CC always welcome 1. 2. 3. 4. I feel like the exposure on 4 should be brought down
  13. SoulfulRecover

    What sheet film to get?

    The last shoot I did worked out but I feel like I need a faster speed film. I used Kodak Tmax 400 and was stuck shooting at about a 10th or so of a second. Since it’s 4x5, it seems I’m limited to a 400 speed film so what would be the “best” one to push a stop or two?
  14. SoulfulRecover

    Nikon F100 Film Advance Problem?

    So I sold my F100 a few months back and just got a question from the girl who I sold it too asking if I ever ran into this problem. I never did but I would like to help her if I can. She is saying that the film will advance all the way to frame 4 (typically, but has done it on other frame...
  15. SoulfulRecover

    Kodachrome - A Netflix Movie

    Thought some of you might find this interesting. Its a movie rather than a documentary BUT its centered around a father trying to get his last rolls of Kodachrome developed.
  16. SoulfulRecover

    4x5 Developing Tank

    I'd like to start developing 4x5 film myself but I wasn't sure which tank I should be looking at. Any suggestions?
  17. SoulfulRecover

    Silent Kayboard Recommendation

    My keyboard at work is loud and the space key is sticking so I am looking for the quietest keyboard I can find for around $40. Has to be a 10 key though (accounting). Any ideas? I'm using the Logitech M330 mouse which is awesome so I don't need to find a keyboard/mouse combo.
  18. SoulfulRecover

    How Do You Store Your Negatives?

    The local shop will put the negatives into sleeves (even 4x5s) and I just toss 'em in a box. I just got 100 sheets of 4x5 negative holders which is great but I don't have a binder for them yet. Any recommendations on what kind of binder I should get? Id like to keep dust and cat hair out. We...
  19. SoulfulRecover

    I need some help with product photography

    My wife started a business that sells hand made beauty products and I would like to shoot the photos for the social media posts. However, I have never done anything like this before so its a total guess on my part. How am I doing and what can I do to improve??? 1. Invigorating morning facial...
  20. SoulfulRecover

    What kind of sync cords do I need?

    What do I need, to get my lens hooked up to my wireless flash sync? Alien Bees with Paul C. Buff wireless trigger.