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  1. LizardKing

    Walkaround Lens for Europe trip

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I last posted on this forum and not sure how many from my days are still around, but I'm pretty sure the community's still great and an excellent source of advice, so here I am. Next year I'll be traveling to Europe and need to buy a walkaround lens for...
  2. LizardKing


    Happy New Year everybody! Unfortunately, it's been quite a while since I last posted on TPF, and I don't even remember if I ever posted in the B&W Gallery, but for the last few days the idea of posting something kept coming to me. So, here I am sharing these pictures and looking forward for...
  3. LizardKing

    Picture and signature for critique :)

    Hello! Does this picture work for you? Always had mixed feelings about it myself, so it would be nice to know what others think! Old Jewish Quarter by Lizard.King, on Flickr On the other hand, I've been wanting for a while to come up with a signature for the pictures. Not a watermark, but...
  4. LizardKing

    Czech Rooftops

    Hey! Here comes another one from Europe. Hope you like it and, as always, C&C is welcomed and appreciated! Have a nice day! :) Czech Rooftops by Lizard.King, on Flickr Regards, Martin
  5. LizardKing

    Jardins de Versailles

    Hello everybody! I'm looking at old photos to pick a few of them for the Facebook page I'm about to launch one of these days, and I keep finding images I like and had forgotten. In the distance you can see the Château de Versailles -- This has been photographed so many freaking times, that I...
  6. LizardKing

    Learning to use off-camera flash [C&C appreciated]

    Good night everybody! The SB-700 softened by a white sheet up and right from the camera, reflective white board to fill the shadows on the other side and a sweet gift from the girlfriend :mrgreen: Any comments, tips or C&C would be much appreciated.
  7. LizardKing

    Ever heard of Civita'di Bognaregio in Italy?

    It's a magical place just north of Rome, somewhere in the middle of the route to Florence. Close to Orvieto, another amazing place to visit if you're ever around there. Hope you like it! The reduction kinda hurted it a little bit, but I was thinking maybe printing it and put it in a small...
  8. LizardKing

    First Timelapses

    Hello there! A while ago I gave a brief attempt at timelapses and I kinda liked the results. This is nothing like those amazing HD Timelapse videos you see out there, but I was trying to learn the basics. Maybe in the future I'll come back with something better. :mrgreen: I see a lot of room...
  9. LizardKing

    New Grandparents and their tresure [C/C]

    Hello there! They both thought I was just only taking pics of the baby and fooling around, so they acted natural and weren't posing at all. Of course this also means they weren't paying attention to me or what was best for the picture... but you can't have it both ways :lol: C&C always...
  10. LizardKing

    Flash power question

    Hello there! I've been doing some practice with off-camera flash lately, and there's something strange going on I don't have a clue why is happening and maybe you do :) So, I have all ready to play with some waterdrops with the SB-700 in Manual at 1/8 -0.3 power and having so much fun... But...
  11. LizardKing


    Hello there! I've been meaning to do a session with this little fellow since he was born, 12 days ago, and last Saturday's morning there was some really nice light coming in from the window, so I grabbed the camera and embarked in what's my first 'photo session' ever, but besides that I'd...
  12. LizardKing

    What am I missing for landscape photography?

    Hello everybody! I'm planning on taking 2 weeks off to go to the very south of Patagonia, and give a real try to landscape photography. The region is pretty much all about very long hikes at the feet of the Andes, encountering glaciers, lakes and pretty cool mountains like this one: File:Cerro...
  13. LizardKing


    Hello there! Went for a drive to a place I used to go as a kid, but the place was packed with cars so I shoot some pictures instead. The whole area was inundated for some heavy raining we've had for the last couple of weeks, but it looked pretty cool. Haven't got time to review them in detail...
  14. LizardKing

    My one day old nephew :)

    Hello everybody! New member in the family, first nephew, and it seems he'll be seeing a lot the front of my 50mm lens, 'cause I just can't get tired of clicking the d*mn button :mrgreen: Not too experienced in photographing people, least in photographing newborns in bad lightning situations...
  15. LizardKing

    David duChemin books, anyone read something?

    Pretty much that :mrgreen: Any feedback would be appreciated. Have a nice day!
  16. LizardKing

    Do I want to upgrade the firmware of my camera? (Nikon D7000)

    I mean, besides all the advantages... Has anyone read the actual agreement and could tell me what I'm signing here? What's it basically talking about? I know it sounds lazy, but hate to loose time reading legal stuff! #edit: I'm basically afraid about, I don't know... breaking the camera or...
  17. LizardKing

    Try at studio lightning!

    Hello there! So, haven't been posting pictures for a while now, but thought about sharing this one. A couple of days ago I decided to play a little bit with studio lighting with one of the guitars, although I didn't have any equipment but a couple of home lights/spots to work and a couple of...
  18. LizardKing

    Manfrotto Ball Heads: 498RC2 vs 054Q2/5

    Hello there! So, after weeks of looking around both in the internet and around my city (as well as asking in this forum), I'm going tomorrow to buy a nice set of 055CXPRO4 legs in a local store. (BTW, what's with that price in the Manfrotto official site when in Amazon, Adorama and B&H it's...
  19. LizardKing

    Looking for suggestions on a tripod fitting my needs

    Hello there! Here it is, another thread asking for help choosing a tripod hahaha... Anyway, I've been reading and doing my research but still cannot decide, so I kinda need help on that if you please :) - The weight is important to me, cause I travel quite a bit and mostly like to go shoot...
  20. LizardKing

    Reverse and Step Down/Up Rings setup -- Help appreciated

    Hello everybody! After some reading on the subject, I've decided to try a reverse ring as an attempt to shoot macro on a budget. Kinda like the idea of the 6:1 magnification I could get with my current lenses. The only problem I see with this, is that I'd also need to get some step down/up...