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  1. vesko


    Three images from last morning. C&C please. Thank you!
  2. vesko

    Three Images from Thailand

    1. Eggs 2. Pilgrim 3. Monks Tell me.
  3. vesko

    Two late evening shots in city

    I am learning about perspective and came up with these two shots. Tell me what do you think: 1. 2. Thank you
  4. vesko

    Autumn in Sydney

  5. vesko

    Balmain houses, Sydney

    Last week I went to Balmain in Sydney. A hundred years ago it used to be poor working class suburb. Now it’s trendy and is full of gorgeous small houses. C&C please 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Thank you!
  6. vesko

    A lot of colour

    On Sunday we went for a walk around the harbor. I tested again my new 50 mm lens. It is sharp in bright light as well (although a bit noisy). C&C please 1. 2. 3. 4. Thank you
  7. vesko

    My first b&w images

    Hope I'm on the right track... C&C please 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Thank you!
  8. vesko

    Help, please.

  9. vesko

    Help, please.

    I suspect this could be a good b&w image. What can I do with Photoshop? Any edits are welcomed. Thank you!
  10. vesko

    Small and funy lens

    I got EF50mm f1.8 and tested it on a night fair. I am amazed how sharp it is! Tell me what do you think? 1. Night fair 2. Good Luck! 3. Hot chips. 4. Suspicion. 5. Carousel. 6. Alone again! Thank you!
  11. vesko


    Tell me Please 1. Disappearing steps. 2. Dunes. 3. Follow me, I know the way. 4. Island 5. Mirage Thank you.
  12. vesko

    Guys on the beach

    I saw these guys on Christmas day. They are watching a game of beach cricket played by somebody else. What do you say? 1. Memento 2. Spectators Thank you!
  13. vesko


    We had a romantic weekend at a cottage in Hunter Valley (vine region 250 km north of Sydney) and the lavender there was pleasant surprise. I love it. Apparently the place used to be lavender farm. I would like to share a few photos and ask you for advice and comments. 1. The Cottage 2...
  14. vesko

    Millau Bridge

    You folks, living in Europe, probably don't care and have seen it a lot, but on my recent trip I was impressed.
  15. vesko

    Children on the 77th floor

    What do you say? Thank you.
  16. vesko

    What the Sea wants, the Sea will get...

    These shots I did from a tall building (24 floor) at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Oz. I love vast spaces and small subjects in them. What do you say? 1. Mother and a child 2. Two cops and two girls 3. Kitesurfing I wish I could make the subjects clearer. I used a tripod...
  17. vesko

    Steps in the sand

    I like this one
  18. vesko

    My attempt at the moon

    1. f4 5s 17mm (17-85) ISO800 2. f4 3.2s 17mm (17-85) ISO800 C & C please. Also, how can I get rid of the halo around the moon, how to make it cool disk with clean edges? Thanks.
  19. vesko

    Help with the “graininess”, please!

    This is one of the tall buildings at Surfers’ Paradise on the Gold Coast Sunset f5.6 1/13s 85mm (17-85) ISO400 Is there any way (with PS) to reduce the grainy look of this image. Also I’ve heard there is a separate program for that? Now I’m convinced ISO400 will always give you grain...
  20. vesko

    Enduring Love

    They where at least 90, they could hardly walk, but slowly went into the water and had a little swim together.