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    Blean Woodland

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    Church HDR & Church Group !

    Now running a HDR-Churches group on DA, you are more than welcome to upload yours! :D #HDR-churches on deviantART Anyway, some of mine
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    Evil Sphere

    The evil sphere of darkness devours all
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    Super Nova

    The sun had finally gone supernova and spread out it's fury
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    Do you mind?

    I interrupted this butterfly having some lunch
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    Eye of the Beast

    Closeup detailed shot of a flower that looks like a strange eye from a tentacled monster
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    Coast Sunset Reflections

    Taken after the sun went down , there was still enough light to give this cloud reflection as the tide was out. Herne Bay , Kent , England
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    Beautiful day at the Lake

    Fordwich , kent , england Early Summer
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    Flooded Reflections

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    God is Love

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    Holy Trinity Church 1484

    Holy Trinity Church is one of the great Suffolk wool churches and was built almost entirely in the 15th century at a time of growing prosperity among the local cloth merchants. It was completed in 1484. The only modern part is the tower, dating from 1903 It is an Anglican Christian church...
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    Dream of Landscape

    I closed my eyes and fell asleep , i walked through a country of white and black. Every tree and land was a ghostly white but it was still beautiful , i did not want to wake. Make: Canon Model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi Shutter Speed: 1/180 second F Number: F/13.0 Focal Length: 18 mm ISO...
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    Beautiful Countryside

    Beautiful blue and vibrant landscape..
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    Harvest, glorious harvest

    As i walked the fields of gold , the farmer worked his fields. Thy glorious harvest , with warming sun and beautiful landscape.
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    Vibrance in Farming

    A golden yellow landscape with a golden green and yellow tractor , topped off with a deep blue sky!
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    Blue Drop Pearl & Green Leaf Pearls

    The pearl's of the green leaf Blue Drop Pearl
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    Trees of the Damned

    The only dead trees along the path , never seen life they are damned
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    Beauty in black and white

    Lovely old farm situated in a field of white
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    Sacred Doorway

    Certainly Barfrestone and Patrixbourne belong to the same movement in the later 12th century to build up churches in east Kent, under the patronage of Norman families. Similar arcaded walls are seen at churches in Normandy. Warriors who had fought at Hastings stayed to run their estates...