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  1. Mrsforeman1

    These two girls are JUST BEAUTIFUL!!

    I've been MIA for a while. I wanted to share a couple shots of very two very cute little girls. The second one does have a blown area. But, I really like the photo regardless.
  2. Mrsforeman1

    Hope the door doesn't fall off!

    Okay, technically how do these photos look? I know that the dress isn't everyones taste. Especially, in the barn surroundings. But, other thsn that, how do these work?
  3. Mrsforeman1

    It's been a while. But, here goes nothing!

    Just sharing...although CC is very welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. Mrsforeman1

    Dropping in...with a few in Philly.

    I haven't shared in a while. So here are a couple taken in Philly. CC Welcome.
  5. Mrsforeman1

    Recent Session...As always CC Welcome

    I'm not sure how I feel about these... So, I figured that I would post them.
  6. Mrsforeman1

    fingers and toes... CC welcome

    I love fingers and toes. The texture is intentional. CC very welcome.
  7. Mrsforeman1

    Hair like KRAMER! CC Please.

    Loving the Anyhow, don't let the leaning blocks drive you nuts...Caught them right before the fall.
  8. Mrsforeman1

    Rework...CC Very Welcome

    In light of the recent feedback on my PPing, I reworked this photo. Let the whipping begin.:D
  9. Mrsforeman1

    CC Please

    I am trying to work on my PP a little. CC welcome (composition and boogers aside)
  10. Mrsforeman1

    Meet the baby...

    First, meet my little cousin. Second, critique the photo. Thanks.
  11. Mrsforeman1

    Too Big?

    Had a question figured it out. sorry.
  12. Mrsforeman1

    Time for another critique...

    I'm due for a critique and making an effort to grow so bring it on. (Note: I had no control over the clothing, hair etc..) I don't know why the photos are so big.
  13. Mrsforeman1

    When is the time for Senior Portraits?

    When do you start taking Senior Pics? I was told that the seniors take them during the 11th grade summer vacation. Is that true?
  14. Mrsforeman1

    Create/duplicate a good Bokeh?

    Do you believe that it's possible to accurately create/duplicate a good bokeh during post-processing? Or is it a one shot deal?
  15. Mrsforeman1

    Why ask for CC?

    Constructive (corrective) Criticism/Critque is a great thing. Why ask for it, if you don't want it? There should be a "suck it up" rule.
  16. Mrsforeman1

    Why buy a Mac?

    Is there a special benefit to purchasing a Mac? Appearantly, alot of people here own one. I don't get it:confused: Should I?
  17. Mrsforeman1

    Nikon D40X...what is it lacking?

    I read alot of threads suggesting the canon over the nikon. I would like to know what the D40X is lacking compared to the Canon XT or the XTI. Are the features of the latter really worth the jump in price? So far all that I can figure out is that the D40x may not have bracketing.
  18. Mrsforeman1

    Can't live without my equipment!!

    It's Christmas and I am looking for a piece of equipment that will be the one thing that I just can't live without! Right now all it is, is my camera. So to you I ask: What is the ONE piece of equipment that you just couldn't imagine life without?
  19. Mrsforeman1

    My Daughter's First Camera...Help.

    I want to graduate my 14 year old from the 3.3 megapixel, hand-me-down, point & Shoot that she's been working with. It is glued to her hip at times. I don't want to go too far. So I was considering the Fuji Finepix...9 MP not quite an SLR and far from a point & shoot. MSRP about $499 but I have...