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    Wide Angle Advice. (Nikon D80)

    Hey guys i really need help choosing a wide angle for my Nikon D80. Brand wise i"m not really that picky. From nikon, to tamron, to sigma, i don't really mind what brand, just help me get my money's worth. I'm not looking to spend more than 1,500 or so on some new glass but around that price...

    Feedback subforum for b/s/t transactions

    Just a suggestion but would a feedback subforum for all the buying, selling, and trading going on in the forum be a good idea? A feedback page very similar to ebay could easily get the job done. The more transactions you complete legitimately, the more positive feedback you accrued from the...

    Random Pictures (comments appresh'd)

    Im new to TPF im planning on getting a DSLR soon to contribute more quality pictures, but anyway im shooting with a Panasonic DMC-FZ8 right now, let me know what you guys think: