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  1. IonSpeedMaster

    around the house

  2. IonSpeedMaster

    Practicing Panning

    A friend and I were goofing around on our bikes and came out with, what I think, a couple decent shots. Obviously they could be a little clearer/sharper but the sun was going down and we were running out of light
  3. IonSpeedMaster

    Campus Bench

    Nothing special but I really liked the colors and lighting
  4. IonSpeedMaster

    Kilo TT

    I posted up pics a WHILE back of my bike, oh how its made progress since. I didnt get any replies in the past on it (people are duds on here) so hopefully somebody may have something to say this time.
  5. IonSpeedMaster

    Fixed Gear

    Room mate and I went out tonight for some shots around campus. I have the white schwinnn, his is the orange zebrakenko.
  6. IonSpeedMaster

    07 STi

    I shot this car over the winter but have recently acquired a Rebel XTi, a step up from my old S3IS. I'm using stock glass and I think these came out the best of the bunch. Car is an 07 Subaru STi with 05 tail lights, Invidia G200 Catback, Stage 1, Gram Light 57Fs in Bronze with a front lip...
  7. IonSpeedMaster


    Had an opportunity to shoot my buddy's STi. Nice car. I think the yellow post in the last few shots is somewhat distracting. Other than that anyone have any C&C?
  8. IonSpeedMaster

    Structurally Sound

    Hey guys. I went out practicing my automotive photography last weekend. Let me know what you think of the shots (wb/exposure/composition/ect.) Dont knock the Saturn either. 184,000 miles and still going on the stock clutch....dont want to hear anything that american cars suck. 1. 2...
  9. IonSpeedMaster

    Self Portrait C&C??

    No, im not asking how ugly I am.....what could I do to improve.....white balance, color, lighting????? give me ideas PLEASE. angle too cheesy? So I took another. They look like completely different pics and the lighting still isnt great in the second one, but its really not as harsh...
  10. IonSpeedMaster

    Return from Iraq

    My brother returned from Iraq last Wednesday. It was a 14 month tour so my family went up to his base in Anchorage to greet him. He didnt know me and my sister were going to be there. This is the ceremony 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  11. IonSpeedMaster

    Longer Exposure

    So I like shooting small streams and waterfalls in the forests around my house. I shoot with a Canon S3IS, one of the better P&Ss from what i've been told. Im what one would be considered a noob as well. Regardless, People on here tell me to get the water to look "silkier" or appear to be...
  12. IonSpeedMaster

    First time pic poster

    Hey, tell me what you think. Im an absolute n00b so flame on
  13. IonSpeedMaster

    About to jump in!

    So my interest in photography has rekindled lately and there couldnt be a better time. Everything is beginning or in the middle of blossoming and Im looking for a new hobby. I have little to no photo experience, but Im pretty confident that this can become a serious interest of mine if I can...