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  1. Fiendish Astronaut

    What do I do now?

    A website of a well-known and large music venue has taken a watermarked image of mine from Flickr (where my license is set to all rights reserved) and used it in their live listings. I emailed them nearly three months ago to ask them politely to take it down. No response. So I emailed them...
  2. Fiendish Astronaut

    Argh! My eye!

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this but had an eye test on Friday got a clean bill of health. Then yesterday had a gunky eye, and today it's the area around my eye is all swollen and my eye is red. Waking up with it all stuck together and stuff. It's the eye I use to look through the...
  3. Fiendish Astronaut

    Camera in extreme heat.

    I might be off to Burkina Faso in Western Africa for a couple of weeks to visit a good friend who runs an AIDS charity project there. (They coach kids to play football - some of you call it soccer.) Anyway, if I go in March it will be 40 degrees - in the shade! Apart from protecting my own...
  4. Fiendish Astronaut

    Tear Sheets... do you do yours?
  5. Fiendish Astronaut

    Digital Sensors to get nontech technology?

    Geeky I know, but found this article: BBC NEWS | Technology | Nanotech could mean sharper snaps Researchers in Scotland have been given nearly half a million pounds to try to improve digital camera images. The team, lead by scientists at the University of Glasgow, are developing small...
  6. Fiendish Astronaut

    Grrrr! Robbed!!!!

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I'm going to vent here anyway. Some b*stards smashed through my kitchen window and made off with lots of mine and my housemates' stuff this weekend. I think I scared them off when I got home as they left a few things after clearly picking them up and...
  7. Fiendish Astronaut

    Camera RAW Converter for LX3

    Has anyone got experience of using Adobe's PS RAW plugin to convert files for the Panasonic's LX3, FX150, FZ28, G1 or Leica's D-LUX 4.? I hear there's an issue with the conversion and that it converts the files to DNG which is a huge file. I just want to hear that I can open my RAW files in the...
  8. Fiendish Astronaut

    Photography on the moon

    I just finished reading the authorised biography of Neil Armstrong. And during the section about his time on the moon there was a fair bit about the photography up their. Neil was the man charged with doing most of the photography work and used an especially adapted Hasselblad. One of the things...
  9. Fiendish Astronaut

    My lens is annoying me.

    This seems at first to be a similar thread to another one up here, but it isn't the same! I bought a used 24mm 1.4f Canon lens from a shop and tested it out and it seemed fine. I bought it to take to concerts so I could use it in dark conditions and get good results. But on viewing my images...
  10. Fiendish Astronaut

    LED lighting

    LED lighting works in a very different way from more traditional lighting. I know a photographer whose concert pictures looked solarised in some places in the purple LED light (the affected bits were patches of light blue). Unfortunately I don't have an example to show you, but I thought this...
  11. Fiendish Astronaut

    Do I own the copyright to this image?

    Okay my tongue is slightly in my cheek here but seriously, if someone (for some reason) bought this off me for lots of money would the girl who held this camera have any rights to ask for compensation? After all, I'm including HER image in this...
  12. Fiendish Astronaut

    The Golden Ratio

    I've a photographer friend whose obsessed with the Golden Ratio and I've read one or two things online about it. Anyone here try to apply this principle to their composition? And if it's so good, why...
  13. Fiendish Astronaut

    T-shirts with my image on - can I get some money please?

    About a year and a half ago the singer of a band, whose a good friend of mine, told me they'd licensed out the rights to a merchandising company to sell t-shirts at their gigs. He sent the company an image - one of mine - he'd quite like to see on the t-shirt and sent them my details. He told me...
  14. Fiendish Astronaut

    Photographs no longer provide proof of anything

    This image of four Iranian rockets being tested - and realeased by the iranian government - was swallowed hook line and sinker by the Western Press... Are we at the point where major news outlets hire photoshop...
  15. Fiendish Astronaut

    Children as art directors.

    This photographer took children's drawings and realised them with photography. Some of them are really quite good...
  16. Fiendish Astronaut

    360 Degree Photography

    How is this done: Special camera?
  17. Fiendish Astronaut

    A Good Lesson

    Could you take the shot?
  18. Fiendish Astronaut

    Leica M8 just a little too pricey...

    I'm considering buying something like the Leica M8 for reportage photography but the price... wow! Are there similar products to this which TPF members can recommend? I've not got a budget as yet but just want some idea of what I might...
  19. Fiendish Astronaut

    Imagine on BBC One

    Did anyone see Imagine: Annie Leibovitz - Life Through A Lens on BBC One last night in the UK? I thought it was a really fanstastic insight into her life and career. I've got a renewed respect for her because they showed a lot of her reportage photography and blimey how many amazing photos...
  20. Fiendish Astronaut

    You've got to hand it to him...

    ...this guy is really making an effort. Pretty cool I think: