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    WTB: Canon 50L 1.2 and 24-70L

    Looking for sharp copies with no focus issues. Prefer UV or newer date code.
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    anyone buy anything from the OP? Feedback on other sites?
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    FS: 2x 30Ds and BG-E2

    All items sold.
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    FS: 2x 30Ds and BG-E2

    I am selling both my backup 30Ds and one BG-E2 Battery grip. Both work great, normal wear on hotshoes from flashes. I can post pics if needed. 30Ds - $475 shipped BG-E2 w/ AA adapter - $130 shipped All items have original boxes and come with the strap, battery, and charger. Ill throw in a...
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    Couple from this weekends shoot. 1 2
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    Family Portrait Session

    really nice job! #1 and #4 are my favorites!
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    FS: Canon 30D

    Selling one of my 30Ds. Camera has roughly 20k actuations. Taken very good care of. Minor wear on hotshoe and minor mark on display plastic. Takes excellent photos and never let me down. Includes: 30D Box w/ insturctions Cables Battery and Charger 1GB CF card $700 Shipped and insured...
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    Steal my sunshine.

    Thanks, No polarizer, just exposed for the cloud.
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    Steal my sunshine.

    Shot this on my way home from work, it rained a few hours later.
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    Stephanie's Classic Bridal

    These are great! #10 is my fav by far.
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    Some recent work.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I got a new monitor recently and it wasnt properly calibrated when I did those. I can see some color issues in a few shots but overall im pretty happy with the results.
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    Some recent work.

    Heres the other with the fixed horizon, here is some leg.
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    Some recent work.

    Been super busy lately, but figured id share some recent work.
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    Maternity Session

    Images are not working Bella.
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    Engagement shoot

    great job!
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    Winter Warmth.

    thanks for the comments guys!
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    Canon XTi

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    Winter Warmth.

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    I have that shot as well, Didnt like it as much.