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  1. jasonkt

    Took some pics Corvette Z06

    Well...I didn't think the angle on #1 was bad, I kind of liked it. I might have cropped it a little differently so that the beautiful machine there wasn't smack in the middle. Seems to me like location is high priority, other than having a nice car to photograph, of course. I just started...
  2. jasonkt

    Car photos - edit at will...

    - I don't really "worry" about people getting my plates, but I've seen and heard that it's best to blank them out before?? Not sure why, really. - I did put in some post efforts on some of these, but I wasn't really happy with the results. - I don't really change the camera's exposure setting...
  3. jasonkt

    Kind of intimidating to post my own pictures, but I'd love to hear opinions

    Hi! Good job with your shoot, and good luck with the learning process. Think you're overwhelmed now? There is so much to know! I don't know a drop in the bucket yet. One thing that I might add, though, is about bright backgrounds and shaded subjects. Usually your eye will go to bright...
  4. jasonkt

    HDR Altima - same car, new photo!

    I'm up early for work and decided to try an HDR with my car. I'm not dissatisfied with the HDR necessarily, but I think I should have spent a few more minutes on the angle, and if I was serious about it I should have taken the stuff out of the backseat. Next time.
  5. jasonkt

    Little girl in the sunflower patch

    Hi! This is my quick take on my favorite image in this set: I'm not a pro and there are some more things you could do, like sharpening of course, and I would recommend doing a lot of research on youtube...just keep searching for different terms and tools as you learn them, there are a lot of...
  6. jasonkt

    Car photos - edit at will...

    Hey gang. I took some photos of my old altima. I live in Brooklyn and found some industrial roads with few other vehicles which allowed me to take some uncluttered pics...except I still caught a girl on a bike in one of them... Anyway here are a couple "before" shots, one or two "processing"...
  7. jasonkt

    Color management retard needs help, please!

    Hello, and thanks in advance for any insight you may have on color management. Currently I own a Sony Vaio laptop and a Kodak ESP 7 printer. I would like to print photographs with color that closely matches what I see on my display. I am less interested in graphics and line art, however I...
  8. jasonkt

    Model in black against black

    Thank you for the constructive criticism, I particularly think the comment about the reflection on her butt is helpful because I am always frustrated with my "eye" for details like that.
  9. jasonkt

    Model in black against black

  10. jasonkt

    video footage of Times Square during Obama's inauguration

    This is just a little feel of what it was like to be in Times Square as Obama was sworn in. YouTube - Obamas Inauguration Times Square NYC Let me know if you like it!
  11. jasonkt

    "Subway Surfing", a short NYC walkabout

    I put this together with some footage from around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Enjoy! YouTube - Subway Surfing in New York City
  12. jasonkt

    Snowfall in Brooklyn - Video

    Hi! I just posted my first video online, I'd love to have you check it out: YouTube - Snow in Brooklyn, New York - walking the streets at dusk
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    that is pretty awesome, good job!
  14. jasonkt

    Another HDR for C&C

    Personally I prefer the higher contrast look of #1
  15. jasonkt

    Snow in Coney Island - 17 pictures

    that's a carousel, this is a bump
  16. jasonkt

    Duck fight!

    I can never remember...are those males? (green to attract the females?) Looks like standard issue male behavior...nice shot! A closer crop might be interesting, as well.
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    #2 just cracks me up! "What are YOU looking at? Cuz you better not be looking at my ball..."
  18. jasonkt

    Mig-17 full burner

    very nice! I haven't yet tried to pan the camera, seems like it would be hard to do right. Any pointers?
  19. jasonkt

    Model shoot @ CyberJaya, Malaysia

    yep. #1 rocks! how many lights were you using? maybe a little reflection on the hair...and is that a shadow on her left shoulder?
  20. jasonkt


    actually I like the effect of 2 and 3, looks like a halo