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  1. yardism

    Can You Sting Me?

    One reason I don't look forward to summer...
  2. yardism

    January in California

    All C&C appreciated.
  3. yardism

    There is a fungus among us

    I wish this were better focused, but otherwise, what do you think?
  4. yardism

    Rust Never Sleeps

    I was out shooting some landscape and stumbled across a little collection of old discarded car parts. This looked like the hood of a 40's-50's model truck to me. Everything was so dilapidated, it was hard to figure out what any of it was.
  5. yardism

    Beyond The Fence

  6. yardism

    Water Shot

    Any thoughts on this shot. Taken at the edge of a walking trail yesterday.
  7. yardism

    Rose Drops

    One last one from me for today. As always, let me know what you think, positive and negative.
  8. yardism

    When The Rain Comes

    Here are a couple of shots I took trying to capture water droplets. C&C welcome. #1 #2
  9. yardism

    My Son (first photos here)

    These are some of the first shots I've taken with a decent camera. Other than the top of his head missing in #1 and the jacket covering his face in #2, what are your thoughts on these? Thanks for looking. #1 #2
  10. yardism

    Hi from San Jose, CA

    Hi. I just made the jump up to a Canon 400D. I searched out this site hoping to find a place where good information can be found. If you haven't heard a stupid question in a while, just stick around, I'm sure I can make that happen.