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  1. oCyrus55

    FS: Canon 5D w/ Grip (CONUS)

    Hello everyone, It's time to upgrade to a 5D Mark II, so I need to sell my 5D. It's in great condition and still takes pictures like the first day I got it (I bought it new, I have been the only owner/user). It has some miner wear, but nothing that stands out. Also, it has only had about...
  2. oCyrus55

    Some more

    Great shots, but their skin definitely looks like plastic
  3. oCyrus55

    they're kind of weird

    I think you did a great job. These are different, and I like that... :)
  4. oCyrus55


    I think these look good. I really like them
  5. oCyrus55

    Wow, I have been busy...

    So, on which ones didn't I do a good job on?
  6. oCyrus55

    It's a Texas thing ya'll

    looks like some cross-processing
  7. oCyrus55

    Wow, I have been busy...

    You know, I just got lucky, and the dog wanted to cooperate that day.
  8. oCyrus55

    Wow, I have been busy...

    Most girls think that the guy in 3 is pretty good looking, so I see where you ladies are coming from. And Sarah, I see what you are saying about the first two. I like the first one, but the second is just okay.
  9. oCyrus55

    Showing Portfolio on CD - Resize or No ?

    If you can, you should use actual prints.
  10. oCyrus55

    Wow, I have been busy...

    Thanks guys!
  11. oCyrus55

    Wow, I have been busy...

    A color balance layer where I bump up the red and yellow (after converting to BW)
  12. oCyrus55

    Wow, I have been busy...

    Thanks NJ, I appreciate it!
  13. oCyrus55

    Wow, I have been busy...

    Thank you everyone. And Sw1tchFX, I really like the last 2 as well. When I have more done of her, I will post some more.
  14. oCyrus55

    Walk into Africa

    Wow... Great captures, great post work, just awesome stuff
  15. oCyrus55

    Florida sunset - larger image

    160x78 pixels is not very big...
  16. oCyrus55

    Wow, I have been busy...

    Hello everyone! I haven't posted anything in awhile, but it's time to post some of my new stuff. I know this is a lot of pictures, but I don't know when I will have time again with school starting soon. Let me know what you think, and, again, I'm sorry for this many images (I usually never...
  17. oCyrus55

    everyone in focus for group portraits

    Yep, shoot around f/8, f/11
  18. oCyrus55

    Textures - C&C please

    I don't know about the texture in the first one. It's a good shot, but I think it would look better without the texture. The second one looks really good too, I would leave it alone. Did you create that lens flare?
  19. oCyrus55

    Shilo, model shoot

    I say you re-shoot with your flash this time, and then you will have some great shots.