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  1. MitchP

    Spring/Summer rolling in to SF skyline

    "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." Mark Twain
  2. MitchP

    Yet another vulture

  3. MitchP

    White Egret against brown bank

    with muddy feet!
  4. MitchP

    All decked out for mating season

  5. MitchP

    Tide Pools

  6. MitchP

    Vulture at an unusual angle

  7. MitchP

    Northern Harrier BIF

    Pretty sure he's a male, and all the white is for mating season.
  8. MitchP

    Green on green

  9. MitchP

    High Tide

  10. MitchP

    Tonight's sunset

  11. MitchP

    More low tide, different day

  12. MitchP

    another muddy low tide

  13. MitchP

    Spring appears to be springing

    I can't tell if she's grasping nest material or a lizard.
  14. MitchP

    a few days late for Earth Day

  15. MitchP

    Suburbia after some rain

  16. MitchP

    East SF Bay Shoreline

  17. MitchP

    Showing off again.

    Harriers have no shame.
  18. MitchP

    Bird ID? Not great IQ.

    Another set of distant pics, sorry about that. I didn't recognize this birds flying pattern so I grabbed some shots even though it was too far away. Any ideas on what kind of bird it is? Thanks!