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    hey guys, need some help

    i just made a new forum, to help support photographers i know the people here are among the best of the best, and could really help me out it's just starting up, and can really use some knowledgeable members here is the link PhotoTalk • Home if you don't mind, i need some...
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    just letting everyone know

    bump please, just come check it out i really want this to grow and help photographers thanks
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    just letting everyone know

    alright, thats fine i am hoping to build this up strong and long-term i was just hoping to get some members from here, because they all share their opinions well, and are the best of the best
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    just letting everyone know

    i just started up a photo forum today, and am hoping to get some members in to mold the forum into what photographers want i am not trying to steal anything for the photo forum, because you guys are great, and gave me the original idea so thank you but i am starting out with nothing i am...
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    thanks :]
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    canon rebel xt. i need some practice with the settings, as i am just trying to figure them all out. thanks for the feedback, help is always needed. what do you think i should try setting-wise?
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    just a few pictures from around my house, tell me what you think. 1. 2.
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    very amazing shot! i don't really like the signature at the bottom. for some reason i thin it takes away for the picture. thats my opinion though very good shot though
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    Fort Worth Water Gardens

    very good! i like the effect one the first one. very cool.
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    An eye

    i really like the reflection in the dogs eye
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    Keeping an eye on things...........

    this is amazing! you have a very pretty eye as well!!haha
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    Controlled blur/panning....

    very nice, i really like number 6! good work for the first attempt, keep up the good work!!!
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    wow, very nice shot i was also wondering why the hooves were chained together. haha. but very nice shot none-the-less.
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    Back at it again for another try....

    amazing! keep it up!
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    Tulips, Trees, and Hockey

    i love 1 and 3!
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    One droplet and Macro

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    I'm an absolute amateur and would like ANY C&C please...

    good job! keep it up. a lot of these people on here have a very good idea of what they are talking about, so take advice! i really like 3 and 4!
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    experiment gone right!!!!

    that is awesome! good idea, worked out great
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    Its Winking At Me

    this is great :] i really like it!
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    Downtown Panorama

    i love this! great work!