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  1. JohnMF

    what film is this quote from?

    "Your enemies come with smiles, they come as you friends" or something like that... It's doing me head in.. what film is it from? I'm thinking the Godfather, or a Scorsese movie... or is it even Scarface? Can't find it on Google, maybe I've got it a bit wrong... Arrgh... help!
  2. JohnMF


    What do our American cousin's make of Donald Trump? National treasure, or dimwitted racist disgrace?
  3. JohnMF

    subscribed threads

    anyone else having probs subscribing to threads? Mine doesn't seem to work, or work for a few days, then it stops alerting me to new posts in my cp.
  4. JohnMF

    Restrepo Director killed

    War photographer Tim Hetherington has been killed in Libya. Sad news. A reminder how dangerous being that close to the action can be. War photographer, filmmaker killed in Libya - World news - Mideast/N. Africa -
  5. JohnMF

    stolen tree

    Some one's stolen my Rowan tree from outside my house. I dug that thing up in Scotland (legitimately), brought it back to England, planted it in a pot outside my house, two weeks later someone has stolen it. What is wrong with some people? Starting to piss me off around where I live. Wish I...
  6. JohnMF


    Saw a flea on my desk in work. Can those things jump on you and hitch a ride home? My jobs bad enough as it is without worrying about fleas all day, disgusting.
  7. JohnMF

    Scottish Highlands

    From a recent trip to Scotland. Took quite a few but only got around to processing these three.
  8. JohnMF

    Nikon 50mm - f1.8 or 1.4G

    which one to get? Does anyone have both? Is the 1.4G worth the extra? (I've ruled the 1.4D out)
  9. JohnMF

    Switched to Nikon - what RAW Processing Software?

    Recently sold my canon 40d and a couple of lenses and bought myself a used Nikon D700 from ebay. Unfortunately it didn't come with the software disk. I've heard Nikon RAW software isn't very good anyway, so what's the best, (cheap/free) alternatives (for mac)?
  10. JohnMF

    Gruesome (Seriously, do not read if easily distressed)

    Coming home from work tonight in a taxi, I saw a small group people gathered around some guy on the floor. Thought he was a drunk at first who'd fell over, but as i got closer I could see he had actually been shot in the head, possibly with a shotgun. A few people were just standing there in...
  11. JohnMF

    40d users help

    Hi can any 40d users take a look at their camera menu and tell me where the options for changing the focus screen settings are within the menu? Much appreicated if you can. thanks
  12. JohnMF


    Where do I find User control panel these days?
  13. JohnMF

    Lost my Nokia n97 mini

    Anyone know much about smart phones? I lost my nokia n97 mini. It had access to my email account via an app. I've since changed the password on that email account, but I'm worried that whoever has found the phone still access to my email. Is this possible now that I've changed the password?
  14. JohnMF

    Are animals moral beings...

    Or is morality an exclusive trait to the human animal alone? What are the ramifications of either conclusion?
  15. JohnMF

    Funny CIA

    The C.I.A has set up a "Wikileaks Task Force", to be known by the acronym WTF. Maybe someone there has a sense of humour? Made me laugh. CIA to examine impact of files recently released by WikiLeaks
  16. JohnMF

    London Protests

    some pretty awesome shots captured at the recent London Protests. London tuition fee protest - The Big Picture - (I didn't take them btw, just thought a few people on here might find them interesting.)
  17. JohnMF

    GOogle Street Photographer

    Google Street view makes a pretty awesome street photographer. Jon Rafman Puts me in mind of that theory... "a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare."...
  18. JohnMF

    recovering files from hard disk

    Hi I recently had to format and reinstall snow leopard on my macbook pro. Luckily most of my stuff was backed up on to an external HD, but there are a few files that weren't and I'd really like to recover them. I bought diskWarrior thinking this would be able to do it, but it seems more aimed...
  19. JohnMF

    Don't look down

    If you're scared of heights don't watch this, and if you aren't, you probably will be afterwards. I thought i was going to fall off my chair while i was watching it. The scariest video you have ever watched in the name of science
  20. JohnMF

    Single Speed Bicycles

    Very off topic here I know... Anyone here own/ride a single speed bike? They seem to be getting quite popular these days and i've been toying with the idea of getting one, or converting an old town bike i have into one, for my daily commute to work. They look like a lot of fun but I'm still...