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  1. passerby

    Powershot A720

    I just sent my Coolpix L10 today for repair. So I spent few hours looking around for another one. I won't bother waiting for a month. Once it's back I will just give it to my daughter for her cat's shooting :wink:. Anyway I was attracted by Canon powershot A720. Is anyone can shed me some...
  2. passerby

    Nikon P6000

    This semi pro camera is not out yet until next month, and there is no full review yet. But there are couple sites that had the privilege to have the early view. It seem everything else except the uproar of the RAW feature in it (which does not really got me). The sample shots given are very good...
  3. passerby

    CCD worse than CMOS in ISO performance?

    I don't have a camera with CMOS engine so I can't judge the CMOS ISO performance. The nikon D40 I have here is CCD. I took these 5 shots barely minutes ago to ask you if they are worse than CMOS? Sure it is cheapest DSLR therefore I expect no miracle. You can see the ISO number right in...
  4. passerby

    If you have $5000

    Is there a catch in this? Fannie Mae, the largest US mortgage finance company, couldn't find a buyer who would pay $US6900 ($7100) for the three-bedroom house at 1916 Prospect St in Flint, Michigan. So broker Raymond Megie, who is handling the foreclosure sale, advised cutting the price to...
  5. passerby

    Advanced compact digitals.

    I have been searching for the manual compact cameras fitted with view finders - other than nikon and canon. Here are 3 cameras that I think interesting. The first two, sigma DP1 and ricoh GR2 are fitted with fixed lens. The ricoh Gx200 fitted with zoom lens. Also which I just came across today...
  6. passerby

    World Youth Day

    Just incase you don't hear about the Catholic world youth day, it is occuring at this moment here in Sydney Australia. It will last until this sunday or monday but the main event was today where the Pope made a major speech in the front of the pilgrims and well wishers. I wanted to go to take...
  7. passerby

    Photoshop C2.

    I told my work mate about the ability photoshop in editing any photo, but I don't have it I said. He said that he has photoshop C2 somewhere at home which he bought from garage sale as just one of those stuff in a box. Can you tell me if it is an OK program? Since it is free I feel like to try...
  8. passerby

    Nikon Coolpix P6000

    I saw nikon Coolpix P6000 specifications in the link below and one of the poster (in other site) mentioned that it only has 1/1.7, which is according to him is just patheticly same as any other including canon G9. Can anyone explain what is this 1/1.7 is all about? It is right in the first line...
  9. passerby

    Pentax joins the diving mania.

    Pentax K200D for $699 :D. With only lousy 18-55 lens :x. Oh well, at least they did something. Ok people that's all for today.
  10. passerby

    Olympus E510 price dives

    Just before I bought my current D40 6 months ago I played with the Olympus E510 while waiting to be served. It's price back then was around $1400 with one kit lens. About 2 or 3 months ago it was about $1150 to $1300 with 2 kit lenses. And last night in a major store advertisement it was $747...
  11. passerby

    D300 and D200 pricing.

    I saw full nikon advertisement yesterday which shows every digital cameras in nikon store. In it the price of D300 fitted with 16-85 VR lens for $3200. This lens in australia is $1000. Yet the D200 body only priced as $1800. This pricing start tempting me. No! I promise I won't buy another...
  12. passerby

    Lest we forget

    I went to the local cemetery this evening about an hour before sunset and I was choked seeing the time that are recorded on these tombstones, I felt subdued. I sharpened the last two as they were too under exposed from lack of light. More to come. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  13. passerby

    Sigma 18-200mm OS HSM. Anyone knows?

    I have been searching more than a month for Sigma 18-200 OS HSM review, pro or user reviews with no avail. I don't know if I am right but there seem to be three different version of this lens: 1. 18-200mm 2. 18-200mm OS 3. 18-200mm OS HSM. There are few reviews for 2nd version (OS only) of...
  14. passerby

    Fraud transactions against the unwary

    I read this thread since it first appeared. I waited and waited just incase it turn out well, hoping it would end in happy ending. But it did not. The transaction used PayPal too, believe it or not...
  15. passerby

    Camera less auction

    I have been found with hectic week with quite few unexpected activities, and still going. Same thing with saturday yesterday. I popped in to my brother's car and we went to auction, general auction. Two hours before start I roamed the place checking for something that already roaming in my...
  16. passerby

    Nikon D40 ISO capabilities

    I shot these same objects with Nikon D40 from ISO 200 to ISO 3200, as a refernce to those who may need to see it first hand of what this D40 can do instead of hearsay. All shots used 50mm fixed lens at f1.8 I don't know the difference between CCD and CMOS since those jargons does not concern...
  17. passerby

    The two roses

    I have these 2 photos and the 1st one is mine. I shot that from across the fence as it was inside someone's yard. The result was dissappointing at best of course, the colour is flat. Yet the 2nd photo which is not mine but taken of the net (It's free btw) is so good and pleasing in the eyes. How...
  18. passerby

    50mm F1.8 night shots

    I took few night shots between 04.00 to almost 06.00 am with wide open aperture, so to be able to do hend held shooting. I have seen see the results as not good. It's ok as far as the picture are concern, but for me they are not so good. This is the second time I took night shot seriously. For...
  19. passerby

    Blurry photo - dissapointing waste.

    I love to take the picture of my daughter but she is at the age where she won't pose for the sake of it. I have to shoot her off guard for that. I have hundreds of her photos but they are for the family. I post this photo nothing more than just to prove the point. This one which fall into my...
  20. passerby

    Pro Tama UV filter

    I bought mine 50mm that come with free UV filter (nothing is free btw, but it's better than nothing). I only know Hoya as the main brand and you guys mentioned B W (?). So when it arrived by the name Pro Tama I thought it was Tama filter the Pro edition or product. But it seem Protama is the...