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    Chosing a new Nikon Camera help

    Does the D300 have the AI tab on the lens mount for the older non D or G lenses?
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    PLEASE HELP! B/W processing

    And btw, you don't need a darkroom to process film. A film changing bag, dark closet, My laundry room in the basement with a black comforter over over my head...
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    Fotoflex changing bag

    I'm with CSR on this. I'm done with the sweaty hands and slight interference dealing with limp bags.
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    Expired Film

    Heat is films' enemy. Age isn't as bad. If it was kept cold even better yet!
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    Is this my fault (off colors on photos)

    One of your lenses doesn't have a yellow filter on it for B&W photography does it?
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    What's wrong???

    Trying another place sounds good because if it is chemical or light leak issue it could be at the lab and not your camera. If it still shows up, you'll know it might be the camera.
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    What's wrong???

    It looks like a processing issue. Maybe the processing device was not completely clean and had some residual chemical on it from a previous run. I have owned several f4s over the last 20 years and don't recall seeing that.
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    Digital, 35mm, medium format, Large format

    A ton of stuff! Reasonable offers considered. Not pictured is all of the Beseler darkroom stuff to enlarge b&w every size from 35mm to 4x5 with trays up to 16x20. digital timers and anything else you could possibly want. Ask me for details if interested. Nikon F4s with MB-21 battery pack and...
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    unimpressed with RAW

    Mui, back to the basic issue of sharpness. Are you using a tripod when you shoot (especially since you mentioned "low light")? Just curious.
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    First Time with RAW

    I believe CS2 has raw processing (been using CS3 for a while now and can't remember). Camera RAW affords you the ability to make final adjustments to the image before you covert it to jpeg or tiff or what have you. When you shoot in jpeg mode, the camera processes the image based on built in set...
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    VPN...What Gives?

    I've seen that with several camera/sensor brands. It is an issue affecting your latter point. The limits of the digital domain up to this point are what they are today. Tomorrows technology is just a blink away.
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    Computer Question

    My info is third party so..... A friend of mine who uses his computer heavily for photo work recently switched from pc to mac. He spared no expense on hardware in both instances so that is a non-issue. As far as a platform for an image processing engine like Photoshop to run on, macs are...
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    Photography is worse than dope!

    Is anyone interested in buying a ton of darkroom equipment from color processors to tongs, a ton of MF cameras and lenses from yesteryear, a ton of LF cameras and gear, Novatron and Norman studio lights???? There's a newer camera thingy I want to buy and need a bunch of money for it.
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    How to convert multiple RAW files to JPG?

    Capture One is a nice program for this
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    B&W filters for digital

    I got curious one day and pulled my B&W filter kit out of my Bronica case and set it up on my Fuji S3. Switched the camera in B&W mode and started shooting at what ever. Much to my surprise, the filters reacted with the sensor in b&w mode exactly as they do with film. I am thrilled with this...
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    Fuji Pro S5

    I got my hands on one at the PPANJ convention in Atlantic City. All around great camera. A friend of mine just got one and is still learning his way around the UI.
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    How to find the nodal point

    I assume that you already know that the nodal point of the lens is the intersection where the light paths cross. This doesn't help much. What you really need to know is the angle of the light paths from there intersection point so you know how many degrees to turn the camera for the next shot...
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    Do you use a monopod a lot?

    For sporting events so you can keep the camera aimed while you pan. Wouldn't want to mis a shot because your camera was hanging at your waist! Night time cityscapes when the streets are too busy to plant a tripod with all of there adjustments.
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    Why such a small aperture?

    Most of the above explanations are pretty good, but a simple explanation is that the longer shutter allows for better saturation of color, tonal range and detail. The photographer probably needed the small aperture for the desired shutter. My guess is that he was using LF also.
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    Shooting surfing (i.e. sports, stoping the action)

    By the way, where at in Jersey?