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    new printer

    Ok. It's time for a wide format printer. I refuse to buy anything Epson because of the last couple of Epson printers having been absolute trash. My latest just went in the trash after 3 changes of ink cartridges only. Nobody would buy it even for $50! I won't buy HP either because their Mac...
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    Fed up with this

    I'm so sick of phonecalls from leeches that want me to buy something from them. Today it was some turkey from "super pages" that engaged me in a long and boring conversation about where I was to be listed. Finally he mentioned money after about 20 minutes which is where I told him to b....r off...
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    Finally a use for my HD80

    Ages ago I purchased a Hyperdrive HD80 in the mistaken belief that I'd actually use it. I never did, finding more CF cards worked out easier and lighter to carry. My wife's laptop hard drive bit the dust a week or two back and the hard drive in the HD80 transferred very nicely to the laptop.
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    Juicy, tasty... Gimme, gimme! Wow. Just look at the rate these things have fallen in price! The 40GB hard drive just failed on my wife's laptop. I'd love to put one of these in to replace it - faster, lower power consumption and won't break if she holds her...
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    Has anybody tried advertising on NPR? I've tried internet advertising and it just doesn't work for me. I get the majority of contact when I'm out and about at fetes, galas, fairs and so on. I'm trying to get even more so I'm toying with the idea of NPR as it seems so much cheaper than magazines.
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    The Holy war. Mac vs Windows :p

    I'm running a Macbook. I also run a Compaq V2570NR laptop with XP and an elderly Dell with XP. I've only had the Macbook for 3 months but my impressions so far.... All the software for Mac works flawlessly and doesn't crash the Mac. The only problem so far was the driver for an HP...
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    The 4th or was it the 5th?

    For some unknown reason Dreher Island had its 4th of July fireworks today - the 5th!
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    advertising effectiveness

    I had an interesting experience today that flies in the face of what people on most internet forums claim. Most people on forums claim that advertising online is how they get most of their business. My question is of that business, how much is worthwhile and how much of that business is...
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    Bumper stickers

    Has anybody any sources for DIY bumper stickers? I've seen places that'll do 250 for $250 but I want to print my own. My wife hunted forever to find her favourite bumper stickers; "buy American" and "stop global whining". I'd like to print my own.
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    Slow news day?

    Is it a particularly slow news day in Britain?
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    Question for UK people

    WHen I lived in the UK I used to use several pre-pay phone services... Orange with whom I could call the US for 20p a minute. Cellnet with whom I could call the US for 5p a minute after I spent GBP 20 on an add-on service for my pre-pay card. Virgin with whom I could call the US for 15p a...
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    Is there any value in having a printer any more? Sure - the office type are handy for general printing but do we really need photo printers any more? I was looking at the figures. Mpix (as an example) price works out at $2.49 for a 10x8 and $11.20 for a 10x20 and $20 for a 20x30. OK you...
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    Heads up - new scam around...

    I just received the following email via a craigslist advert. What aroused my suspicions is that I had it from 3 quite different adverts I'd place on Craigslist going back a month and more. I just rang the hotel and they did have a wedding but not a morning wedding for that date. The text...
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    FS Epson CX9400 Fax

    It's a combined scanner, printer, card reader, fax. It'll print directly from a memory card too. Currently it's on sale in Best Buy for $99.99 online. It's about 3 months old. Basically I was mis-sold this by the punk in Best Buy (who incidentally has ensured I'll never buy anything from...
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    photo sales

    Out of interest I put a framed photo of the Vietnam wall in my wife's antique stall (she sells antiques as a hobby). I put that there in September. It sold last week. My best guess is people wanted it as decor for July 4th. Obviously I should put something relevant to public holidays in that...
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    Canon 70-300 f4-5.6 IS

    Has anybody else got this lens? I'm struggling to get sharp photos from it. I don't think I've managed to get anything sharp from it at 300mm.
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    Anybody tried this?

    I was just looking at SSHDs and CF-IDE converters as well as large capacity CF cards. Obviously the CF cards work out cheaper. I don't know about reliability though. On the other hand with the continually falling prices of CF cards, it might be economical if the card lasts a year. As an example...
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    Is it a Nikon?

    I was in my condo at the beach this weekend when I saw a beach wedding down below. I grabbed my 70-300 and took a shot or two. I looked at the photographer and notice he's using one of those bracket thingies (not so keen on those). looking at the flash, I don't recognise it but think it could...
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    Best photos

    I'm curious about your general choice of lens. I notice I do most of my best work with a 17-85. I have other lenses but this is the focal length that I find I do my best photos with. I find wider doesn't get used very often and longer doesn't really give the same quality of image.
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    Background opinions

    I'm largely an event photographer with no real use for a studio (although there is one I can hire) so I have a portable studio on the offchance it's needed. I did have 2 x mogul hotlight heads and 4 x edison lamp heads plus some shoot-through umbrellas - which I sold today. In a year I hadn't...