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    Nikon 80-200 2.8 AF-D and SB-800 Flash!

    It's a sad day, but I'm not shooting a lot anymore due to a change of careers, so I'm selling off my gear to fund that change. Sadly my heart isn't in photography right now. Nothing has been used professionally. Prices negotiable. Nikon 80-200 2.8 AF-D - $700 Condition is excellent. No...
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    D7000, D3100 are now official!

    Digital SLR Cameras | Nikon Full specs. Enjoy. Chase Jarvis' opinion. He has been using it for months.
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    Stacking Images [Star trails]

    What OSX programs are available for stacking images? I searched all over the forum, but couldn't find anything! Preferably free, if possible.
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    Dell 2209WA

    I just ordered mine from a US Dell store representative. Since when have they been available from the USA!? Just letting you know if anybody was interested in buying one. I got mine for less than $240 new with tax/free shipping! Send me a PM for details...
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    Cloud Storage

    Has anybody else used BackBlaze for cloud storage? For $5 a month it seems like an awesome deal. Any opinions on why or why not to use it?
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    Workflow, File Organization

    I've been noticing more and more lately that my organization is lacking. I have files all over the place and no default style or system of organization for all of my photos. In short, this is my filing system as of now, however I would like to know how you guys organize your files on your...
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    FS: Sony DSC-H55 P&S

    I won a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55 at my college's spring carnival. Unfortunately I have no use for it given that I have a very nice SLR sitting next to me! If you're interested send me a PM or respond here. It is brand new, unused and still has the 15% restocking fee sticker that Best Buy...
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    Broken Nikon D90 Lens Mount

    This morning after going to class I went to grab my camera for a small event I had to shoot today for my college's newspaper. While opening up my bag I noticed my lens was separated from my camera. .....Uh oh Basically somehow the mount on my D90 has been ripped off from the body. The screws...
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    Charging rate on NiMH batteries.

    So I finally got around to buying a decent battery charger, the Maha C-9000. On the instructions, it states to charge above .3C and but below 1.0C, C being total capacity. I assume this means if you have lets say 2500mAh batteries to charge them at a rate above 750mAh and below a rate of...
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    In January, I will be meeting with the editor-in-chief of my local newspaper. I've been given such a rare opportunity though a family friend. They're looking for more staff photographers, for 2010, and I was given this chance. My question is this. How do you prepare a portfolio properly...
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    Envy on the Coast [band/college performance]

    A pretty crappy watermark, I know, working on a more permanent one. This was taken at the University of New Haven for the school news paper I'm shooting for. Hope you enjoy it.
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    Batteries, Chargers, Recharging Rate

    First of all, yes I did a search and read most of the posts on this topic, however, I have a few questions. Batteries: I'm a hybrid between a casual NiMH battery user and a hardcore battery user. Sometimes I may use a flash all day, and sometimes I may just leave the flash in the bag for a...
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    Zenfolio! 20% OFF!

    Just letting you guys know that if you sign up for Zenfolio, you can get 20% off of your sign up using the code: MPIX20. Enjoy (and you can get another $5 off using the code: CPM-1MA-63B, however, both you and I get $5 off our cost) Basic: $25-->$20-->$15 Unlimited: $40-->$32-->$28 Premium...
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    New Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8 VRII

    Have I just been living in a hole and you guys already know about this, or not? Nikon finally released a new 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII. Sweet! Nikon | Imaging Products | AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II (2.9x)
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    Color Spaces: LR2, CS4

    I'm confused as hell. With my latest blackade with dark colors, I've realized something. How the heck do you setup LR2 and CS4 to work together well. LR2 uses 2 color spaces, as far as I know, one to display in the library, and ProPhotoRBG (MelissaRBG <-garbz?) to actually edit in the develop...
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    Blacks/Close to Black Color

    I currently edit on a Macbook Pro, and I notice that whenever I edit photos that have colors near black, I get a ton of artifacts. Is this because the monitor lacks gamut to display all of the colors? Will these artifacts show up in prints? I took this impromptu, so nobody really cares, but...
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    Monitor--Dell 2209WA Discontinued?

    Apparently the 2209WA has been temporarily, or permanently discontinued do to the fact that LG cannot keep up with Dell's demand for them. From a Dell rep on the Dell site, recently posted: " If the 2209WA was a popular monitor, and it was with people who use a panel for photo editing, and it...
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    Cardinal watching over the nest

    enjoy! c&c always welcome. I did a bit of manipulation with the blur to get a better DOF, how does it look? Also, the color? I'm using an uncalibrated monitor.
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    Monitor Calibration and RAID

    I just got a new mac for college, and since I'll be editing photos on, I thought it'd be worth the $200 investment to get a monitor calibration system. I've been hearing really different opinions on the Spyder3Pro or the Spyder3Elite or the Eye-one Display1 or 2. What do yous think? After...
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    Pro Labs without Pro exclusivity

    Me again. I'm looking for a pro lab that serves non-pros/non businesses. I'm obviously aware of: Color Inc -Pro Lab? Does business with individuals. Millers - Pro Lab. Only Businesses? WHCC -Pro Lab? Only Businesses? I'd like to find a Pro lab that serves both since I don't have a...