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  1. dipstick

    Software for batch processing Exif data

    Hi, I'm looking for a program to batch process Exif data as simple as possible. I have lots of scanned images that I want to organize with correct shooting dates and keywords and so on. Any suggestions?
  2. dipstick

    Looking for a lightweight telezoom.

    My 17-55mm is my workhorse, but every now and then a telezoom is nice to have. So far I've been hauling around Nikons 80-200 2.8, but on some assignments its simply too big to drag around all day, especially when I know that I'm not gonna use it. So I'm looking for a lightweight telezoom that...
  3. dipstick

    Which wide angle lens should i choose?

    I'm looking for a wide angle lens to use with my D200. So far I looked at Nikons 12-24mm f4 and Sigmas 10-20mm f4-5.6 and Im tempted to go for the cheaper option and get the Sigma, but the Nikon is also within range if I find thats its worth the extra 400 bucks. But then I found Tamrons 11-18mm...