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  1. Majeed Badizadegan


    Behold [Abiqua Falls, OR] by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr Just hanging out in front of Abiqua Falls in Oregon.
  2. Majeed Badizadegan

    Recent seascapes!

    Hello all. Pardon my absence. I have been traveling and had a busy winter. Hope everyone is having a great start to their 2016. Here's a few images I'd like to share from my recent travels. Let's start in Kauai! Mouth of the Dragon [Kauai, HI] by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr Serenade of...
  3. Majeed Badizadegan

    "Rise" Redwood National Park, CA

    Redwood National Park, CA with smoke from recent wildfires in the northwest laying low in the trees. This is 7 shots for dynamic range. Rise [Redwood National Forest, CA] by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr
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    Cape Perpetua, OR

    Link of the Realms by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr
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    Navi's Fall

    Spirit Falls in Washington taken this Spring. The water levels were nice and, yes, the water is really that blue. Navi's Fall by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr
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    The Oregon Dunes have been on my radar for a while. I didn't have a chance to scout during the day. I went barefoot and hiked myself into a sweat and frenzy before I eventually found this spot. Just minutes after setting up, the sun broke through the thick clouds and made a brief appearance...
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    Red Carpet

    A shot from the weekend at Mount Saint Helens. Red Carpet [Mount Saint Helens, WA] by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr This was a blend of 7 exposures for focus, 3 shots for dynamic range, 2 16mm horizontal shots stitched into a Pano to capture a larger angle of view. One shot was also taken...
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    Wandering Washington

    Some recent images from a 4 day trip I made to Washington. I spent some time in the Palouse area. The last image was taken waist deep in Panther Creek Falls in Washington. Solitude by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr Rolling Green by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr The Wanderer by Majeed...
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    Heart of the Gorge

    I'm excited to share this image as it really speaks to me as what I try to capture when I visit the Columbia Gorge. That of the amazing lush environment and changing light. The rain, sun, and fog-- the clear days and the snow; the Gorge has many so many different moods, and I'm just happy to...
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    Long time no post

    Hey all. I realized I haven't posted here in a while. I wanted to fix that. Workshop season has been picking up. I've been traveling and away often. Here are some shots from the last few months: Defrost [Painted Hills, OR] by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr Cascade [Ona Beach, OR] by Majeed...
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    From the Fog

    A thick fog shrouded the sky early in the evening. As the sun made it's way through, some brilliant colors started to bleed into the clouds. This exposed piece of beach had a very shallow grade. The waves would roll in slowly, but with a huge volume of water. Ona Beach, OR From the Fog [Ona...
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    The Watchman

    When I see thunderstorms in the forecast, like any other landscape photographer, I get excited at the possibility of good light. We got a break in the weather which made for some nice color here. Low tide revealed a beautiful section of tapering rocks. My friend happened to be exploring these...
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    Reactor Core

    If I told you I involuntarily ice skated across frozen sand, plunged in near quick-sand-mud-goo, and took a wave to the waist all within a few minutes... you'd probably believe me because you've seen my posts before and read the accompanying stories. This sea cave is one of my favorite spots to...
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    This is one of the coolest waterfalls I've ever seen. If you're ever in Washington, you should see it for yourself. I went for something different than the typical composition you would see from here. Raindrops (Panther Creek Falls, WA) by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr
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    Forest Dreams

    This is one of my favorite hikes in the Columbia Gorge, Eagle Creek. It was an extremely wet day. Lots of low ground fog and mist was sticking close to the falls creating a heavy atmosphere. Forest Dreams [Columbia Gorge, OR] by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr
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    Panther Roar

    I try to get out to these harder to access falls to keep things fresh. I only had about 10 minutes of actual shooting time here this day. Nothing like dangerous, slippery hiking in the rain on the clock. I scaled down a couple wet sheer rock faces on the way down here. I tried my best not to...
  17. Majeed Badizadegan

    Around the Bend

    This was taken last weekend leading one of my last classes of the fall season, I had the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite falls, Spirit Falls in Washington. The natural curve here really caught my attention, and I tried to show it off. To access this fall, it's a steep 700+ ft...
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    Halls of Gold

    I took a picture of some trees: Halls of Gold by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr
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    The Deep Chill

    So I've done this hike [voluntarily] three times in the last month. And I've gone all the way to the fall each time. It's been interesting to see as the water levels rise how much more difficult it is to get here without a raft. To get to this fall has it's challenges. The first obstacle is a...
  20. Majeed Badizadegan

    Shapes of the Sea

    I could photograph waves all day... Shapes of the Sea by Majeed Badizadegan, on Flickr