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    Lightroom 2 - Are the american & british product different?

    Hey Guys, Was just thinking of buying lightroom 2, its £205 in the UK or $299 in the US. Based on the current conversion rate the US price works out at £160. Does anyone know of any differences between to two versions? If not I'll get the US version and save myself £45. Cheers, Steve.
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    Pontardawe Music Festival - The Kilas

    Hey guys, I was at ponty music festival this weekend, I was watching a band called the kilas, they were awesome. I was suddenly inspired to run back to my camper and get my kit. What do you think? I was shooting with a 300mm on manual, no flash, 1600 ISO around 5.6 apeture. Shot from about...
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    image enlargement

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to work out how I can make large prints to go on my living room wall. If I have an image printed out on 8x10, but then want to convert that into a larger high quality image is it a simple matter of using a decent scanner to scan it in and enlarge it? For example, the...
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    Image DPI and Printing

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a large format printer to print my own images onto canvas, but I am a little confused by the DPI required on the printer. From the exif information I have an image 3504 Pixels wide and 2336 pixels high, 72 dpi. How big will this realistically print? And what DPI...
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    Using other artists ideas

    Hey Guys, I like this artists work and wouldnt mind trying a few of my own ideas based on their work. *NSFW* These would be for personal use only, but it got me thinking, I know you cant copyright an idea, but what is the legal and/or moral stance of using...
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    Anyone have an A1 canvas printer - Advice needed

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a canon A1 Canvas printer, I'm trying to evaluate the overall cost of ownership. I've worked out the canvas, printer and inks, but I dont know how many A1 poster size prints I can roughly expect from a set of inks. Anyone have any ideas or know how I work it out...
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    Mother Nature

    Hey guys, I took this one yesterday, what do you think? We have a photographic group at work, this bi-monthly challenge is Mother Nature, this is my entry :) Cheers, Steve.
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    Can I take IR pictures with a canon eos 20d

    Hey Guys, I've been looking at the IR photos and want to try, but I've read a few items that say you cant do it with a 20D, is this true? If you can does anyone have any examples? Cheers, Steve.
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    I need help selecting a colour

    Hi Guys, I'm planning a respray on my classic truck, I'm really struggling on settling on a colour, is there any chance some if you ps gurus can do me a virtual respray please. Heres the truck Is it possible for metallics? Cheers guys, Steve.
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    Event Photography

    Hi Guys, I recently went to a company event (Corporate Annual Dinner Dance), there was no photographer so I stepped up and took a load of shots. After posting the link of the gallery on the company network I received a lot of good feedback, these are direct quotes: "Got to say, cracking...
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    On a dark and foggy winters night

    Winter has been a miserable affair of rain this year, this is my first winterish shot.
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    Getting RAW images off my Canon 20D

    Hey Guys, When I take pics in RAW I cant get them off my camera, I can see them on the viewer but I cant see them when I look at my camera via my laptop. Any Ideas? Cheers, Steve.
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    Hi, I posted this in the general B&W gallery and didnt get the feedback that I wanted, I posted it there as I hadnt seen this section. I've reposted it here as I'm after some critical analysis, its the first time I attempted this type of shot. I had my wife sat in a dark room, took a .5...
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    Lasting Impression

    Hi, I took this one wet morning, all I've done is bumped the contrast up. I was tempted to enter it into a contest entitled "Mans interaction with water" but didnt as I had to pay to enter it. I'd love to have your feedback on it. Cheers, Steve.
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    Old Lady in Church

    Hi Guys, I took this quickly as I was just taking a few shots of the church my cousin was getting christened. Cheers, Steve.
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    Macro Extension Bellows

    Hi Guys, I was looking for some macro extension tubes when I came across these bellows, they look interesting but are they any good...
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    Google Earth your area to find photography locations

    Hey Guys, I've just been using google earth to look at where I live so find some stuff to shoot, theres so much stuff hidden away that looks awesome to shoot. I followed my local river and found an old ship, going to go shoot it tomorrow. Cant wait to go, its only a few minutes from my...
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    Sinister Giraffe

    Hey Guys, Still playing with my strobes :) Cheers, Steve.
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    A double First, Portrait and strobism - Critique Please

    Hey Guys, I was sitting around reading Photographer monthly and it inspired me to try a portrait. I've been reading the Strobism blog and have just bought two strobes. Heres my first shoot, please critique :) Thanks, Steve.
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    Sunset from my window

    Hey Guys, This is the sunset I get to see from my house. I was inside my house on the top floor. Steve.