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    Digital, 35mm, medium format, Large format

    A ton of stuff! Reasonable offers considered. Not pictured is all of the Beseler darkroom stuff to enlarge b&w every size from 35mm to 4x5 with trays up to 16x20. digital timers and anything else you could possibly want. Ask me for details if interested. Nikon F4s with MB-21 battery pack and...
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    B&W filters for digital

    I got curious one day and pulled my B&W filter kit out of my Bronica case and set it up on my Fuji S3. Switched the camera in B&W mode and started shooting at what ever. Much to my surprise, the filters reacted with the sensor in b&w mode exactly as they do with film. I am thrilled with this...
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    Complete Darkroom Available

    I have a lot of darkroom equipment available. Briefly, Bessler 23C, Bessler Dichro67, color heads, lenses, trays, print dryer, Durst RCP 40 color processor, and many more accessories. Everything goes. The price will be right; all offers considered and it will be local pickup only in South Jersey.
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    LF Film holders

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    Some recent stuff

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    I can't believe it!

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    Heather Kay

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    Heather Kay

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    USCG Dolphin Dive

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    I can't believe it!

    A whole forum dedicated to just this one little thing, but when suggested in previous threads to have one specifically for film and one for digital it was declined. I can't believe it! What's next.
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    Some recent stuff

    I gotta admit, being a hardcore film user, the new D70s isn't bad. Here are a few.
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    D70s for D1x

    I have a D70s with a hodman battery grip and 2 batteries purchased in late February. I am not happy about the fact that my AI lenses can't be used in any metering mode. If this isn't a problem for you and you have a D1x you would be willing to trade, contact me. Face to face transaction in or...
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    Haven't had anything to post lately, but I did manage this. D70s - f11 - 1/60th - ISO 200 @600mm and cropped.
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    Canon and Nikon forsale

    Clearing out some dust collectors so here we go: Nikon F4s with MB-21 highspeed battery grip (takes dbl A's). Has a good deal of wear and tear but works flawlessly and is leader out modified. $275 shipped in USA only. Canon FTb camera body that won't cock and won't fire (got dropped while in...
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    Ben Franklin

    Bridge in Phila from the Jersey side.
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    February Snow

    It's been a while since I've posted anything, but finally have a few. Here is a link to a presentation I recently finished. Please scroll down to the SNOW section for the most recent: Please lt me know what you think.