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    Canon 350D Drivers

    Thanks for the help!
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    Canon 350D Drivers

    Thanks for the reply Darrel. I never did get the camera to show up on the desktop, but it was detected under iPhoto so I just imported using iPhoto. I'm still getting used to the whole Apple thing, but I'm definitely loving it.
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    Dubai... The fastest devoloping city in the world.. a few glimpses :)

    wow this a pretty good. I like 2 and 4. How did you get the color to show so well. Did you do some PP?
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    Canon 350D Drivers

    Then what? Everything listed there is an updater? What do I need to get the photos off my camera? I don't have a card reader so I have transfer straight off the camera.
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    Canon 350D Drivers

    Does anyone know where I can find the MAC drivers for the Canon 350D?
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    Learning Post Processing

    Thanks. Is that your website in your sig phocus?
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    Learning Post Processing

    Right now I just have GIMP. Should that suffice as far as software goes?
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    Looking for a Tripod

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Looks like I will be skipping a few meals this week... Where is a good place to buy used tripods on the web?
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    Learning Post Processing

    I am interested in learning how to Post Process my images. Right now I just take pictures and leave it at that, with the exception of an occasional crop. Where is a good place/ book/ online tutorial to learn some basic techniques of post processing images.
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    Looking for a Tripod

    I am looking for a tripod. I don't have a specific budget in mind though. Don't know exactly how much I should be spending... The main thing I need is a tripod with enough support so I can trust to leave my camera on it. Does any one know of a good tripod that will support a Digital Rebel XT. I...
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    Filters in General

    What are all the different types of filters for, other than being a way to protect the front element of a lens? I see all sorts of different types of filters being advertised of listed but I dont really know what they do. Can some one either tell me or point me in a direction where i can see a...
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    First Sunny day in a while

    My School is having a photo contest of "nature" stuff around campus. I had been meaning to take photos around campus ( we have probaly one of the best campuses in Houston, TX) but never quite got a chance to because for most of last week and half of the week before it was all very gloomy and...
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    Night Shots from my window...

    I like the first one and i think the second one has a good idea behind it, but like stated previously has a high noise issue
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    This is what I want

    The Shutter release should be around $20-$30 pretty much anywhere you can get it... You should be able to figure out how to do the long exposures in the manual.... I believe you can do it by just changing the shutter speed normall but go beyond numbers like 8, 6, 4 and in things like 3" 10" and...
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    Fix Teenager Skin

    Spent 5- 10 minutes on it
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    Digital Rebel XT not recognized

    Are you using windows? My problem was not recognizing it, it was a problem with not finding the Driver Software.... Off topic but For anyone pondering the upgrade to Vista... don't do it, go invest in something that works... vista is terible and doesn't recognize what seems to be about...
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    A candid that came out pretty good?

    Thanks, that helps me see where i went wrong focusing... i just wish i knew how it came out to be that i focused on those points... maybe i was messing around and had the camera set to auto- focus point selection... definitely something i need to work on- FOCUSING, you would think that the whole...
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    A candid that came out pretty good?

    Is that a pretty good crop to reduce the effect of the window, though it is still very present?
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    A candid that came out pretty good?

    Here is one planned that came out nicely, taken in Galveston, TX This was another shot taken in the car the other day... my problem so far has been getting things in focus... does it look in focus to you... i think its pretty good, but I wonder whether is should be cropped so she fills the...