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    Fishing Photojournalism Story

    For the past 20 years ground fishing has almost been abandoned due to over fishing in the Gulf of Maine since 2011. Many fishing communities now depend on the abundance of lobster to sustain their way of life. Penobscot East Resource Center has several boats out fishing for ground fish to...
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    Muddy Mayhem

    Shot an 8k Mud run with obstacles over the weekend here are a few photos from the event.
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    Baseball portraits

    Here is a few portraits I took of a local baseball team I am documenting. Im starting to get a series of photos together in hopes to produce a nice multimedia piece.
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    My 1st Multimedia using the D3s

    I haven't posted anything on this forum in awhile, so here is a recent piece I did a few months back. I'm looking for constructive criticism. And I cant embed the video into the post, the forum has html turned off and no video embed option installed. BMX competition on Vimeo
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    Any Syracuse PJ grads here?

    Well I was thinking about attending Syracuse University for their Photojournalism program. Has anyone here attended it already? I hear its highly competitive program to get accepted. I have my associates degree in photography right now, but I looking at getting my bachelors degree at Syracuse.
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    Get into character portraits

    Taken at a anime/gamer convention I attended, enjoy.
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    Chillin in the Summer

    I havent posted any of my work on here for awhile so I thought I would share a recent photo of a series im working on.
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    At arms length away

    I had a great oppurtunity to photograph President Bush while giving a speech during a pit stop to the Olympics. I have a ton but this is one of my favs.
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    Zombies walk the last frontier

    A charity benefit walk with a zombie twist. I edited most of the photos with a darker theme in post production to go with the series and a high pass photo. Enjoy.
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    Aggressive Tactics

    The shooting conditions weren't as good as I had hoped, but never the less here are some shots of some f-16 after receiving fuel and getting ready to return to simulated aerial combat. I also shot these photos with the new Nikon D3 and omg its amazing!
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    Shameless plug

    Well im still adding alot of content and photos. This has slowed down a few projects im working on however it was long over due for a website over haul. Check it out comments and suggestions please. Thanks. Domain name coming soon!
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    Wings over the arctic

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    Romanian Memorial

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    Server Farm

    Hi-Res: Server Farm Ali Air Base, Iraq -- Senior Airman Adam Massey, 407th Expeditionary Communications Squadron, monitors users' activity for any unauthorized use of any government computer by checking the...
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    Defend the AirField

    Hi-Res: Defend the AirField Ali Air Base, Iraq -- Airman 1st Class David Williams, 407th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, guards a C-130 Hercules on the ramp Sept. 26 at Ali Air Base, Iraq. The primary...
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    Self-Portrait funny shots

    Here are a few unique photos I took over the winter, enjoy. All photo were taken of me by me. 1) Taken with a point and shoot camera due to water and ice conditions 2) Timing was kind of diffacult with the scrolling temperature sign and I was using timer on the camera, plus my body was...
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    Photo Journalism

    I noticed that alot of people here that post photos in this catagory of photo journalism I dont see a whole lot of captions to the photos. I know some of you will say the photo will speak for itself and yes I believe that on an emotional level or how powerfull the photo is. Im sure the majority...
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    I was out hiking with a friend and came across this 300lb little guy,
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    JASDF Photo Shoot

    I had the chance to go out with the Japanese Air Self Defense Force (Japanese Air Force) ground forces stinger team. Here are some photos. #1 Rising Sun at Red Flag EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska -- Technical Sgt. Tetsuo Totan, missile operator, Japanese Air Self Defense Force, launches...
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    lazy eye...

    Ok every so often I get a person who has lazy eye. I try holding one finger up and have there eye follow it to the lense. Sometimes it works. Any other tips on fixing lazy eye?