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    I forget what the mean and the difference...

    What is the difference between AF-S, AF-D and AF and what do they mean, I've forgotten and cant seem to find the answer. Danke'
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    I just wanna make sure I have this right. it is better the save a photo that you have been working on at the highest color bit? right?!
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    I like the heavy grain, but what is the emergency? the light pole seems like an arrow pointing at the person walking by. is that the emergency?
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    Subtle Differences - Debate

    alright, I must have missed that, that would explain the price difference! I'm a genious.
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    lens recommendation for Nikon

    isn't that a dx only lens? i forget
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    lens recommendation for Nikon

    those two lences are very wide and a pretty penny, but what exactly would you use them for? what do you normally shoot? niche?
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    Subtle Differences - Debate

    I understand that the new Nikon D700 is an updated model of the D300 that was released in 2007, however the specs and capabilities of the two camera's are similar though complaringly different. I have found that there are few differences between the two nikon's such as the D700 has less...
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    Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro lens isn't f2.8!!!

    the manual has a graph explaining this. it's normal unfortunately. I was disappointed as well when I got my 60mm 2.8 and 105mm 2.8;
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    What Do You Make Of This?

    I like it, maybe a touch more contrast, but it defintley is interesting.
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    A post

    if I may suggest a smaller aperture. otherwise, Bravo!
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    Childrens Asylum and a few extras

    Bravo #14 some of them however I feel would be better if they were black and white.
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    it looks like this was taken on matrix metering? the reason i comment on that is because the top end of the picture is almost blownout and takes away from the contrast greatness of the bottom and right side. furthermore: high ISO? Digital Watermark or 35mm film scan? I really like it though...
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    Up close..

    in my opinion, composition is not equal, makes you dart back and forth to absorb the image. may I suggest a tad bit of saturation? dull it down a bit so you can take your time to view and absorb the image. otehrwise, it has a very good depth of field. nice!
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    A walk in the woods.

    1st is wonderful, reminds me of a population...that it is a sad 'population' (people, economy...) first one is a keeper though... the green unfocused on the right side might be an issue due to the rest of the picture (composition-wise). I don't really like the others honestly. 2: too...
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    B&W City Birds.. And a Door

    A. Hitchcooks Birds!
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    Lonely Girl

    I would find it more apealing in my opinion if it were black and white with a little bit more contrast (almost grainy) she looks lonely and love stricken like lost love. I like it. I would like to see it B&W too!
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    and yeah, welcome to the forums!!!
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    I don't think it has one. you might have to do it manually, take a reading of the sky (mid-tone during the day, or find a mid-tone) remember the settings, change them.
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    At the park

    second picture! just alone... captured well!
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    the spiderman

    to me it's too blown out, higher f/ stop and/or shutterspeed I would agree