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  1. pezuzaine

    lenses for portrait photography

    i want to start doing some portrait photography but i'm stumped on which lens(es) to get. a friend of mine owns the following nikon lenses but i was wondering if it's necessary to have this many. also which lens(es) would work best with head shots (or shoulder shots), half body and full body...
  2. pezuzaine

    AF 85mm f/1.4D vs f/1.8D

    can anyone tell me what's the difference is between these 2 lenses - besides the fact that one is $750 more than the other?
  3. pezuzaine

    chi-town, upper fort garry gates, etc...

    thanks. i noticed the halo too - still trying to figure it out. suggestions would be great.
  4. pezuzaine

    chi-town, upper fort garry gates, etc...

    here's a few of my hdrs all shot in winnipeg, manitoba. c&c please! 1) Chinatown by Jesuzaine Ordoñez, on Flickr 2) Upper Fort Garry Gate by Jesuzaine Ordoñez, on Flickr 3) Upper Fort Garry Gate by Jesuzaine Ordoñez, on Flickr 4) C.P.R. No 1 by Jesuzaine Ordoñez...
  5. pezuzaine

    E-Shoot in Balboa Park, San Diego

    very nice. what lens did you use (specifically for no. 2). lovin' the bokeh. what were the settings you used?
  6. pezuzaine

    Craps Table

    luv this too!
  7. pezuzaine

    The Wheelhouse Bar

    luv it!
  8. pezuzaine

    umbrella vs soft boxes: pros and cons

    what's the difference between soft boxes and umbrellas? and which would be the better buy as far as having it in the future? i've heard random things here and there like soft boxes obviously produce softer lighting on the subjects and umbrellas harsher. help on this please... also where can i...
  9. pezuzaine

    is the third time every a charm? c&c please...

    alright here's a third... ~p
  10. pezuzaine

    my second try c&c please

    how's this? too much? more? nothing's funny. i tend to say lol all the time.
  11. pezuzaine

    my second try c&c please

    the other one it is then! lol... thanks for the feedback. much appreciated.
  12. pezuzaine

    my second try c&c please

    shall i crop it? lol...
  13. pezuzaine

    my second try c&c please

    ok here we go. here's my second attempt. ~p
  14. pezuzaine

    the ML-L3

    oh i had no idea. now i feel stupid. i never really played around with it in bulb mode. i just googled it and ppl were saying they had to hold it down. thanks! ~ p
  15. pezuzaine

    the ML-L3

    is there a better remote out there than this one that is compatible for a d60 that will allow me to use it in bulb mode without having to keep my finger on the trigger? i plan to do hour long exposures down the road.
  16. pezuzaine

    night photography - #1 vs #2

    lol that's me in the picture. i have another one without me but i couldn't seem to find it.
  17. pezuzaine

    night photography - #1 vs #2

    i know night photography is very tricky esp getting a proper WB. i was hoping you guys can critique the following. for #1 i like the fact that the sky stayed night blue, but the street lights and the lights from the houses gave out an orangey color cast to it. then looking at #2 it's just...
  18. pezuzaine

    Night Shots - Wanting Feedback/Advice - Please C&C

    how exactly does one balance all the colors so that it looks proper? i've taken a night shot before and it looked pretty good. there wasn't that orangy color cast to it and the sky looked night blue. then i took a couple more shots of a city skyline but this time around the photo all over looked...
  19. pezuzaine

    your thoughts needed on my first try

    thanks for the honest feedback. very much appreciated. it's ironic how the before hdr is better. :D