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    Some of my long exposure work

    These are a work of art :) great job!!
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    =Capture a stranger street style=

    Wow...awesome :)
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    Family Portraits

    I love them all especially the lighting...but on 1 I dont like that you can see so far down the boys pants! I think it distracts :) Over-all great job!!
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    Photo editing software

    I use gimp and picnik...why use ps when gimp is FREE and does almost everything ps does ;)
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    Can someone pipe in for me? Need a few ideas please.

    I love the last one of the baby feet...Great work! I think it just needed the exposure fixed! Here is what I came up with. I am a new member and dont know all the rules yet, so if I wasnt suposed to edit it let me know! :) The same with this one...exposure makes a world...