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  1. JohnMF

    Changing Room

    If art isn't about communication to you, and you consider your photograph art, then I'm not sure why you shared it. Not only that, but the content of your image, or artwork, becomes impotent. You may as well leave the lens cap on. I agree that it could be an interesting concept that some things...
  2. JohnMF

    Changing Room

    You failed to capture any of that with your photo. And, even if you did, who cares? The photo is not as compelling, or as thought provoking as you probably wanted it to be.
  3. JohnMF


    Most of you have prob scene this, but I love it so much I have to share it (and because it's slightly related).
  4. JohnMF


    The real question is; Who would win a fight between Ripley and Dutch?
  5. JohnMF

    Happy birthday, Sabine!

    wowsers! Time flies. Happy Birthday :)
  6. JohnMF

    The Greatest Speech, by Charlie Chaplin

    Sorry. Pacino's cringeworthy little rant about the naughty school board doesn't even come close to the Chaplin scene. My Vote = +1 for Chaplin
  7. JohnMF

    Martial Law for London?

    There's obviously underlaying social issues. If you reduce anything down far enough, then politics, in some form, will be at the root. Some of the kids I saw taking part I swear were no older than 10, I bet 90% of them couldn't tell you who the prime minister is, or point to where they live on...
  8. JohnMF

    Martial Law for London?

    The term is perfectly applicable in this circumstance (Even though I didn't even use it).
  9. JohnMF

    Martial Law for London?

    London's actually quiet tonight... the trouble has spread to other cities across the country, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Liverpool and lots of other places. It all started when the Police in London shot some guy in the head, whilst he was in the back of a taxi. It's still...
  10. JohnMF

    monkeys find a camera

    Payment in peanuts only I believe.
  11. JohnMF

    what film is this quote from?

    Ah.. nice one. I got it a bit wrong when I said "enemies", no wonder I couldn't find it on google. I can go to sleep now. Thanks.
  12. JohnMF

    what film is this quote from?

    Hmm.. I haven't seen that film so don't think it is that.
  13. JohnMF

    what film is this quote from?

    "Your enemies come with smiles, they come as you friends" or something like that... It's doing me head in.. what film is it from? I'm thinking the Godfather, or a Scorsese movie... or is it even Scarface? Can't find it on Google, maybe I've got it a bit wrong... Arrgh... help!
  14. JohnMF

    Have we gone too far?

    Here's another crazy story.
  15. JohnMF

    Osama dead

    Yes, it would seem the Trumpster is even more powerful than the CIA's most wanted!
  16. JohnMF


    haha... just seen that White House Correspondents Dinner thing. Trump and Fox take a right mauling from obama. and Myers Trump has a face like thunder, hilarious.
  17. JohnMF


    What do our American cousin's make of Donald Trump? National treasure, or dimwitted racist disgrace?
  18. JohnMF

    subscribed threads

    anyone else having probs subscribing to threads? Mine doesn't seem to work, or work for a few days, then it stops alerting me to new posts in my cp.
  19. JohnMF

    stolen tree

    You probably think I'm BARKing mad, but Alpine for that tree for years to come. (that was tenuous I know).
  20. JohnMF

    Restrepo Director killed

    War photographer Tim Hetherington has been killed in Libya. Sad news. A reminder how dangerous being that close to the action can be. War photographer, filmmaker killed in Libya - World news - Mideast/N. Africa -