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    4 Portraits

    These I took a while ago, but have never posted here to get feedback. The first 2 I tried to go for a 'fashion-y' look, with the more dramatic lighting, and the second 2 were intended to be more formal and conventional I suppose. Anyway, comments and critique are welcomed and much...
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    "How to photograph a fast car in motion"

    I recently came across this and thought it would be worth sharing (so i hope this isn't a repost !) :D Seems like a very inventive way of gaining such an effect (that might just be me being very slow and not even considering using a technique like this at all !). Oh well, either way...
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    I feel a bit stupid asking this but, when someone asks for a print (or you give someone a print), are they simply expecting 'a print'; the image, professionally printed on photo paper. Or, are they expecting it framed etc etc. Silly question i know :blushing::(
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    White Nikon Lenses

    Just wondering why nowhere seems to sell the white (i think Nikon maybe calls them grey) Nikkor lenses anymore. :confused: Have they been discontinued ? :( The real advantage of the white colour was to prevent the lens getting hot in the sun was it not ? Seems like a good idea, but i...
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    Question about aperture.

    Kind of a 'physicys' question i guess, but here goes ... what is it that causes the 'star' effect on lights at smaller apertures compared to larger apertures where the effect is far less (for example in night time shots) ? The effect i mean can be seen here ... (i know it's not a good pic...
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    By the sea (Whitby, UK)

    Thought i'd share a few pictures from yesterday. Weather and light conditions weren't great, and i didn't have a tripod or anything because it wasn't a 'photographic outing' as such, just a day out with the family :) #1 #2 #3 (not from yesterday, but the same location) The...
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    Studio portraits - CC much appreciated

    Hey all, These are a few shots from a recent session with a friend of mine. Comments and critique are welcomed as i still have a lot to learn about lighting and posing etc :blushing: #1 #2 #3 #4 Thank you all in advance.
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    Studio Lighting. How does this setup look ?

    Basically i'm wanting to delve into the world of studio lighting, starting with getting setup with a softbox. I've had a look around, and cant find a 'kit' which really fits what im after, so i've decided to purchase a flash head, stand, and softbox, all seperately. I am on a tight budget...
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    Whitby, UK. Colour / B&W !?

    Took this picture which i really like. Being a fan of B&W pictures, i converted it and processed it slightly. I like the result, but i don't know if i prefer the colour version ! Comments and critique are welcomed ( and encouraged ! ;) ) B&W Colour
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    Horses on a rainy day

    I'm quite new to photography (and newish here aswell !) and would like to share a picture i took today for heavy critique if possible ! I can handle it, and it's the only way to learn :) There's something about the picture which i like, i don't know if anyone else feels the same way ? Or...
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    D80 Exposure Compensation Problem

    Hi, I'm a long time reader and first time poster, so thanks to the whole community. I have learnt a lot from this site and hope to be able to contribute a lot more in future. I am new to photography and have just purchased a Nikon D80 which I am in the process of getting used to. I have been...