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  1. sabbath999

    Selling photos to others is not "the natural progression of photography"

    I was away from the forum for a couple of years, and have come back to check in with you good folks again. Coming in with a fresh perspective, I was surprised as to how much emphasis some people are putting on commercializing photography. Don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with wanting...
  2. sabbath999

    Exceedingly rare fresh water jellyfish nabbed by ye-ole camera

    Fresh water jellyfish, presented for your enjoyment. Taken in cold water (53 degrees-60 degrees at the thermocline) with 5 foot or so of visibility. No flash possible due to unmanageable backskatter. The animals are the size of a dime to the size of a quarter.
  3. sabbath999

    Lacey's now a senior...

    Lacey asked me to shoot her "senior pictures" since I had helped her a couple years ago put together a portfolio for modeling.... She is the daughter of a friend of mine who's one of my photography students as well, so not only were we shooting Lacey's pictures we were having a class on...
  4. sabbath999

    Transit of Venus

    No biggie, just got a snap. Not high art at all, there are tons better out there... this is what I grabbed.
  5. sabbath999

    Jackson Blue: An Underground River At Emergence, From Inside, Cave Diving

    Here's one of my shots from Jackson Blue, a major spring in Florida. It was taken with a NIKON D300 w/ 35mm f1.8 AF-S at about 30 foot depth while I was hanging on to a rock to keep from getting myself MOVED out of the cave in high flow. Kids, do not try this at home (I have the training to be...
  6. sabbath999

    Jackson Blue: What An Underground River Looks Like From Deep Inside

    Here's one of my shots from Jackson Blue, a major spring in Florida. It was taken with a point & shoot camera at about 70 foot depth while I was hanging on to a rock to keep from getting myself blown out of the cave in high flow. The sound of the water flowing through that cave around you when...
  7. sabbath999

    A few shots for Stephanie's port...

    Starting a modeling portfolio for Stephanie, here are a few of the first shots.
  8. sabbath999

    Devin In the Studio

  9. sabbath999

    A girl and guy in ye-ole studio

    and in a different crop ratio:
  10. sabbath999

    Alt modeling shots

  11. sabbath999

    A few more pictures of the ladies this summer (several pictures)

    Here are a few more pictures from ye-ole studio I have shot this summer...
  12. sabbath999

    SCUBA pictures with point & shoot camera, Key Largo

    Here are a few pix from Key Largo last month, taken with a cheapo Intova point & shoot:
  13. sabbath999

    A few recent female model shots

    Here are some shots from this last week, I've been shooting a lot of seamless white lately... about time for a change:
  14. sabbath999

    Fresh water lobster, Jackson Blue Cave, FL

    Here's a freshwater lobster/crawdad about 17 feet down in the cavern of Jackson Blue spring in Florida. Shot with a point & shoot in underwater housing, cropped a little but no post processing.
  15. sabbath999


    I shoot a lot of HS basketball for a sports website, Forums - Tri-State Fans (I am Photoguy), and have covered a ton of games so far this season (about 40). I shoot without flash in some gyms with pretty horrible lighting and white balance is a nightmare since it often changes from one part of...
  16. sabbath999

    Baby Ducky

    Here's a baby ducky.
  17. sabbath999

    Old Barn In Late Afternoon

  18. sabbath999

    St. Joseph's Church Spire

    The composition is not quite what I would wish, but there's no other angle that I could do given the limitations I had (50mm lens). I was actually shooting through some sign posts that would be in the shot if I backed up another foot.
  19. sabbath999

    Sundowner Train