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  1. SpaceNut

    Little Boy Meeting Superman

    ;) Clark Kent & I attended the "Superman Celebration" in Metropolis again this year (Jun 11-15th). We were at the car show waiting for Superman to present the awards to the car owners when a little boy walked up to meet him. I took the opportunity to snap a picture of the little fella &...
  2. SpaceNut

    McCaws and Peacocks

    :D Here's a few pics from the zoo trip to Brookfield Zoo that Clark Kent, Scooter & I went on this past Tuesday. Couldn't have asked for a better day. C/C welcome & thanks for looking! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  3. SpaceNut

    Unusal Water Droplets

    ;) The unusal water droplets' photos & a fireworks photo (thrown in for kicks) from the experiments Clark Kent & I did last week. Different variation from what we did before. The fireworks is Brandon (Clark) holding a bottle rocket (wearing protective gear, of course) over a bowl of water to...
  4. SpaceNut

    Water Splashes

    :lol: Clark Kent (Brandon) & I were experimenting last week with water splashes, water droplets (posted un another post) and a few fireworks. Here are some splashes made with various items being dropped in the water. Background is thin colored poster board. C/C welcome and thanaks for looking...
  5. SpaceNut

    Ghost from Exploding Tomato

    :confused: Last year Clark Kent (Brandon) & I was experimenting with "blowing up" things up with firecrackers. We stuck a couple in a tomato and blew it up. We must have disturbed a ghost inside, 'cause out he came'. As always, C/C welcome & thanks for lookin'!!
  6. SpaceNut

    Bee Buzzing Flower

    :D Took this pic while walking at a local park (The Perry Farm) last summer. The bees were very busy that day. C/C welcome & thanks for looking! #2 (Edited Post) #1 (Original post)
  7. SpaceNut

    Great Eagle Hunter

    :lol: Brandon (Clark Kent) & I went to Alton, IL for the Eagle migration the last week of January. There was a snow storm 1st 2 days, but on our 3rd day out the sun was shining but it was still very cold out. We were near the locks & dam. I couldn't resist snapping a pic of Brandon. There is a...
  8. SpaceNut

    American Bald Eagle

    :wink: This photo was taken during our (Clark Kent & I) trip to Alton, IL for the eagle migration. This American Bald Eagle just left a tree and headed toward the Mississippi River to get his dinner (fish, of course) which he spotted a little more than a mile away. He did catch his intended...
  9. SpaceNut

    Pelicans in Flight

    These photos were taken when Clark Kent & I were on a trip to the "Eagle Migration" in Southern Illinois. A group of pelicans were feeding in the water when 3 of them took off and flew over my head. I barely had time to point my camera and take a picture. I didn't realize the pelicans had black...
  10. SpaceNut

    Frozen Berries in Ice

    :greenpbl: Snapped a few pics of ice covered berries while hiking with Clark Kent at the Kankakee State Park after an ice storm a few days ago. Everything was covered with thick ice, including the roads, so we had to walk, slip & slide everywhere. C/C welcome & thanks for looking! #1 #2...
  11. SpaceNut

    Flower and the Seed

    :D While on one of our outdoor adventures (Clark Kent & I), I took a few pics of the dandelion patch in the field we were walking thru. The dandelion that had turned to seed and was ready to blow away into the wind intrigued me, so I captured it & thought I'd share. C/C welcome & thanks for...
  12. SpaceNut

    Blue Diner

    Haven't posted in awhile. But I was out in one of our local parks taking pictures of flowers, etc. I saw this little fella having lunch on a blue wildflower (I'm not sure what species it is). There was a little breeze and I had a hard time capturing this flower and insect. C/C welcome and thanks...
  13. SpaceNut

    Water Droplet Splashes

    Clark Kent & I finally got together after a short break to try a few more experiments. These are photos of water droplets. We sprayed a substance in the water for photo #2 (that is why it appears to be on the grainy side). The residue was also present in #3. This is our first attempt and we have...
  14. SpaceNut

    Hammered Ice, Part 2

    :lol: As Clark said in his recent posting, we got together again and finished our "ice experiments" for the winter. We kept it simple this time and just smashed ice with a hammer. Again, some of the water was colored for special effects. C/C welcome & thanks for looking! Next week, we're back...
  15. SpaceNut

    Exploding Ice

    :lmao::lmao: 10 pics. A few days ago Clark Kent & I continued our experiments. We blew up a lot of ice that I froze in paper cups outside when it was so cold out. I was able to freeze a lot all at once. The ice was colored to help give it a special effect. In some of the photos you can see the...
  16. SpaceNut

    Lightning & Dancing Firecrackers

    2 photos from our (Clark Kent & mine) experiments last week. We inserted firecrackers into a light bulb for an experiment, which didn't fare too well. The firecrackers "jumped" from the bulb and exploded. But the mishap created the following: #1 appears (to us) like a lightning bolt strike and...
  17. SpaceNut

    Orange on Fire

    Another experiment Clark Kent & I did a couple of days ago when we blew up a light bulb. We took an orange and inserted a firecracker inside. Stage 1 is the fuse after being lit and it appears that a ghost is coming out of the orange. Stage 2 is the firecracker exploding inside and the orange...
  18. SpaceNut

    Bulb Explosion

    Clark Kent & I got together again today for more experiments. This is a capture of a light bulb filled with a combination of liquid soaps. The bulb was placed on a styrofoam base. A small firecracker was inserted in the base of the bulb and ignited. The explosion sent glass & soap flying...
  19. SpaceNut

    Day at the Park

    :heart:A few months ago I went with Clark Kent to a local park so he could take family portraits of my niece and her boyfriend and their daughter (my little niece, Riley Ann). I also took family protrait pictures of them so I could get some experience. Would do you think? C/C welcome! Thanks for...
  20. SpaceNut

    Anna's Big Brother

    Same day when I took Anna's picture ("Anna & the Roses"), I took one of her "Big Brother" Nathan. He took time out from playing ball to pose for me. Second photo is the two of them together before they went their seperate ways to play. Thanks for looking. C/C welcome! #1 Nathan #2 Anna...