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    Black Crowned Night Heron

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    'Wanna buy a Rolex?'

    Great Blue Heron getting rid of his parasites
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    American Avocet

    Gilbert, AZ
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    Yet another Avocet

    These guys are rapidly becoming my favorite bird to photograph.
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    American Avocet Chick

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    Red Eye Issues

  8. icassell

    Some from this morning at Gilbert Riparian

    Canon 7D Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L White Faced Ibis Neotropic Cormorant Spotted Sandpiper American Avocet
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    Layers for Lightroom and Aperture

    Here's an interesting new release. I'll be curious to see how well it works. Perfect Layers Public Preview Now Available - onOne Software
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    Watch out!

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    Couple o'ducks

    Northern Shoveler Green-Winged Teal Mrs. Green-Winged Teal
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    A day at the zoo

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    Here are a few from yesterday morning.
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    Grebe in the mist

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    Sunrise serenity