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    2022 Blood Moon Eclipse.

    Well, here are my attempts at shooting the moon. I used my Canon 5d, Sigma 150-600 Sports lens, 2X extention and a tripod. I shot in manual with manual focus. It was particularly cloudy and I had trouble getting the moon in focus as the clouds kept messing it up. Here are a few I was...
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    Some recent images.

    Those photos are some of the very best I have seen on this forum. The exposure, colors, and focus are excellent.
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    A Couple Bird Photos From My Backyard

    I thought I would post a few bird photos from my backyard. I took these a few weeks ago after my eye surgery. I'm once again using my Canon 5d, set to manual. I used my Sigma 150-600 sports lens along with the 2X teleconverter. I shot using manual focus just to see how my eyes were doing. I...
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    Pink Moon

    Thank you. I hope to expand my photography skills now that I can see better. I didn't realize how bad my eye sight actually was.
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    Pink Moon

    Thanks, everyone. Here is one just as a joke. It's the Pink Moon
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    My Sigma 150-600 Sports lens. I love shooting birds & wildlife.
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    Mix O' Pics

    Very nice set, Kirk. I wouldn't expect anything less.
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    Nice shot. I prefer the flowered ones. My wife just made dandelion jelly last week. She also made red bud, violet, & forsythia jellies.
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    Pink Moon

    It's been a while since I have posted anything since I got my eyes fixed a few months ago. I decided to go out last night and shoot the pink moon. I shot with my Canon 5d using my Sigma 150-600 Sports lens along with a 2X teleconverter. I shot in manual focus mode using a tripod. I am...
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    I've Not Been Able To Post Photos Lately

    I'm going in this coming Thursday for my 2nd procedure.
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    I've Not Been Able To Post Photos Lately

    I had the real expensive lens put in & I have see a halo around lights at night. My brain is having a hard time adjusting to seeing everything.
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    I've Not Been Able To Post Photos Lately

    Hey, Everyone. I don't know if you noticed, but I have not posted any photos or commented on any photos lately. I had to have cataract surgery on my left eye last week and can't pick up anything heavy for a while. I am scheduled to have my right eye done next week. That will put me out of...
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    Little bird thread...your mission Mr Phelps

    Nice set. #2 is great!
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    Little bird thread...your mission Mr Phelps

    Lovely shots. I like #1 the best. It has a nice soft feel to it. Your photography is getting better and better every time you post.
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    Winter Scene

    Nice shot. Something bothers me about it. My eyes tend to be pulled down to the ground and not up toward the sky. Maybe lowering the whites on the snow & raising the exposure on the sky would help.
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    Sandhill Crane

    Very nice. That's the kind of shot I like. Well done, my friend.
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    So Delicate

    Very nice.
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    Oh Woe Is Me

    What a great shot. You captured the essence of the scene superbly.
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    Great Blue In the Shade

    Another fine shot by Kirk.
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    What editing software question.

    Try Gimp. It's a free open source program which operates a lot like PS.