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  1. Clay Olmstead

    Color or Black & White?

    I shot this in color, then converted it to B&W in Lightroom. Which one is more appealing to you and why? What could be done to improve either one? Same thing in B&W:
  2. Clay Olmstead

    GX7 on-camera flash

    I've noticed that when I use the on-camera flash on my GX7, the JPGs come out with a weird look to them. Everything in the picture looks like it was made out of wax, or plastic. I've owned lots of cameras: film and digital, big and small, and I've never seen this before. I realize this isn't...
  3. Clay Olmstead

    Which pic?

    Which picture is better? I can see pluses and minuses both ways.
  4. Clay Olmstead

    Hello from Austin, which is surrounded by Texas, in the USA

    I have been serious about making pictures since I was about 12 years old. I am mostly a painter, but many things are better shown as a photograph, so I try to do whatever works best. I could go on and on about that difference, but that's not the point of this post. I have found that I need to be...
  5. Clay Olmstead

    Critique this picture, Please

    This is a shot of a runner who collapsed at the end of a marathon. I shot it at a slow shutter speed and cropped it tight to try to show the emotion of the scene, rather than recording the event as it happened. I'm not sure that it worked; any ideas on how it could be improved now, or could have...