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  1. sabbath999

    How hard is it to develop color film?

    Color film is easy to develop! I find it no more difficult than black & white. The simple trick is using a water bath to maintain your chemicals temperatures consistently. Get a small tub (any tub will do!), put your chemical bottles in the tub, mix hot and cold water to 41c and fill the tub...
  2. sabbath999

    Minolta Maxxum AF 500mm Reflex

    I've actually got one of each, I've got the 500 which I use on my sony cameras (and my film Minoltas) and I have the 400 Vectis which I use on my absolutely ridiculous RD3000 digital camera (and no, don't rush out and buy one! I do it because it's fun, not because it's effective...) as well as...
  3. sabbath999

    Nikon go Mirrorless, pt 2 (Thom Hogan)

    Just an FYI to all, the "cheap" AF-P VR lenses work brilliantly on the Nikon 1 system (at least on the V2 I have tried them on) with the FT1 adapter... native focus speed (albeit center focus spot only) and the VR works like a charm.
  4. sabbath999

    What camera should i buy for wedding photography

    Your camera doesn't matter, any modern camera will work just fine. Any DSLR made within the last 10 years will be more than adequate, if you put the right glass on them. Your LENSES matter.
  5. sabbath999

    Lets See Your Camera

    Today: this Argus C4 is my ride.
  6. sabbath999

    Your favorite medium format camera?

    Favorite is hard for me, I regularly shoot several that I love. Pentax 645N, Fuji GW670III 90mm, Fujifilm GW690II 60mm, Debonaire FPP camera 645, and ye ole Holga 120 are regular shooters for me.
  7. sabbath999

    Post your favorite shot from your most recent roll

    Olympus IS-1 ZLR, Ilford FP4 film, developed in Ilfosol3, Pakon Plus 135 scanner.
  8. sabbath999

    Oh, Ken Rockwell...

    I don't understand the need to tear somebody down. I really don't. IMHO it's a bit 7th grade.
  9. sabbath999

    New lens needed with Nikon D3300 kit?

    Wide angle for landscape is one way to do it, but I would question why anybody would choose to go wider than 18mm on a landscape unless you were trying to pull off an unusual effect... for general use? No. Better quality? Well, honestly that kit lens is pretty darned good, I would wait until...
  10. sabbath999

    I live in Corpus Christi and there are NO real photography stores here

    Honestly, I think a lot of gear heads pretend to be photographers. I am a gear head but I am a photographer first. I love gear, but imaging comes first in my books. I own more cameras than just about anybody else on this forum, but that's because I like fiddling with things (and before you say...
  11. sabbath999

    Researching for a novel, professional photography in 1980s

    1) I used a pair of Hassy 500C's, had about 10 120 backs for them, and used a 3 light Speedotron Brown Line setup. The "cheaper" photographers usually shot 35mm but I was medium format all the way (remember, 35mm was considered a "miniature" format by old-school shooters). 2) Brown Line was the...
  12. sabbath999

    I pull mine off of the massivedev chart on my iPhone app. Depends on temp, film speed and film...

    I pull mine off of the massivedev chart on my iPhone app. Depends on temp, film speed and film type. I develop my stuff strait out of the bottle and reuse until it seems to start getting exhausted.
  13. sabbath999

    Cropping question

    When I crop, I do so in "standard" dimensions simply because they look "right" to my eyes.
  14. sabbath999

    Advice for Manual Mode

    It's big, it's a bit heavy, and it's a system that takes AMAZING images... the lenses are EXACTLY perfect for the camera, the whole design is built around lens/camera symmetry. Also, they are a thousand bucks cheaper, so there's that.
  15. sabbath999

    Advice for Manual Mode

    Mine's a Fuji 6x8 "Texas Leica"
  16. sabbath999

    Advice for Manual Mode

    While "technically" true, this is kind of a meaningless statement in application. Unlike film, (and I am stealing this directly from Nikon's website because they state it better than I can), digital cameras convert the light that falls on the image sensor into electrical signals for processing...
  17. sabbath999

    Advice for Manual Mode

    Nothing wrong with that, at all. My favorite camera only shoots manual and doesn't have a meter.
  18. sabbath999

    Help choosing mirrorless to replace dslr

    One of those is definitely on my list, especially since I already have some glass. The glass is really good (ASP-C sized, slow, but the IQ is outstanding).
  19. sabbath999

    Help choosing mirrorless to replace dslr

    I bought a Sony A3000 because I got the kit STUPID cheap on a close-out. Still sealed box, A3000 with the non-powered kit lens and the 55-210 zoom for $289... The camera shoots CLEAN to 3200 ISO, and 6400 is usable for the web. I don't recommend this model (it's way too basic and the EVF is...