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  1. LaFoto

    Please help identify!

    Can someone please tell me what and whereabouts in Manhattan this building is? More than 8 years later, I am trying to retrace our walks with the help of my photos (putting together a photo book), and can't find this building. Tried and tried with Google Maps and their LiveView, but I don't...
  2. LaFoto

    More SNAKE-photos

    Well. ONE more... SchlangeUnten_01-12-2013_01 von Corinna-Fotos auf Flickr Enjoy! ;)
  3. LaFoto

    "Kissy-kissy?" BEWARE -don't open thread if you hate snakes!

    You probably can't tell that I got myself a new macro lens? ;) I was just playing around ... and yes, I also have a photo where the eyes are in focus and the mouth is not.
  4. LaFoto

    Little Essay on Black and White Photography - can you help?

    On 7 January next year I am supposed to do a little presentation/essay on the ins and outs of black and white photography, what's important, how it differs from colour photography, what you need to observe when you go out meaning to photograph in black & white, what you need to observe when you...
  5. LaFoto

    J.S. Bach - St Matthew Passion on stage

    J.S. Bach, Matthäus-Passion in szene - a set on Flickr 162 photos from our second performance of Bach's St Matthew Passion last Friday (22 March). Just so you get to see what my other major pasttime is...
  6. LaFoto

    During rehearsal....

    ... yesterday. Photo obviously not taken BY me, as it is WITH me - daughter took it, I may post it:
  7. LaFoto

    Time lapse photography with the 7D???

    Is it possible to somehow set the 7D so it does time lapse photography for me? Or do I have to sit with it and press the button every 20 seconds or so? Or how often would I need to take a photo in order to get some good time lapse "footage".
  8. LaFoto

    How the heck...???

    ... could they post replies and NOT view the thread???
  9. LaFoto

    Still and turbulent waters

    0334_17-June_Minneapolis von Corinna-Fotos auf Flickr (Ysarex made me think of this one, so I thought I'd show you)
  10. LaFoto

    The little waterfall

    I don't usually get many a chance to photograph a waterfall, but on the Island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean I had the opportunity to come upon a few. This is just the first - and before you suggest I get that fog effect of the water I must say: on those walks I could not be bothered to log...
  11. LaFoto

    A U S T R A L I A !!!

    Anyone here in the Land Down Under who'd like to meet up with LaFoto at some point in time between 20 May and 19 June? It might well be I'm somewhere in the country in those weeks! Let me know and we can plan our trip around meeting up. Would be nice to also get to see places an ordinary...
  12. LaFoto

    Chance portrait

    Well, sort of. It was very dark outside and a crowd had gathered to wait for a fireworks show to start. I tested my camera for its abilities in that dark and how I'd manage with it handheld when not far behind me I saw this boy playing with his phone, that light being the only to give some...
  13. LaFoto

    Hard Rock Cafés

    Only those, please - and it should be evident in the photos you share that it was taken outside or in a Hard Rock Café, ok? 0016_Lisbon_Restauradores_HardRockCafé von Corinna-Fotos auf Flickr
  14. LaFoto

    In the WOOD

    Photos taken in the woods and forests around the world 025_StrollAroundHouse von Corinna-Fotos auf Flickr 231_MorningStroll von Corinna-Fotos auf Flickr 232_MorningStroll von Corinna-Fotos auf Flickr 233_MorningStroll von Corinna-Fotos auf Flickr 331_WayBackHome von Corinna-Fotos auf...
  15. LaFoto

    Some "presents" for Manaheim

    Some of my graveyard angels for you, Manaheim (as promised) - many of these photos are really old now, sorry. 1. (whole) HB1_043 von Corinna-Fotos auf Flickr 2. (in detail) HB1_042 von Corinna-Fotos auf Flickr 3. (almost whole) HB1_047 von Corinna-Fotos auf Flickr 4. (in detail) HB1_048...
  16. LaFoto

    MITICA - have a HAPPY birthday today!

  17. LaFoto

    Seals on the beach

    Maybe you like one or the other of these? 1. "What, you're singing?" 2. "Oh, nooo!" - "Pfffft, philistine...!" 3. 4. 5. 6. "Hey! Gimme five!" 7. "You OK with it, photographer???" 8. "Let's all stay cool" 9. "REAL cool!" :biggrin:
  18. LaFoto

    The kiss

    Awww, they were so in love! ;)
  19. LaFoto

    Gannets in flight

    On Saturday, while on Heligoland in the North Sea, the wind was my friend for these B-I-F-photos!
  20. LaFoto

    Marina de Funchal

    Actinometro's photo of the Marina of ... wherever (forget, sorry - somewhere in Portugal, that's for sure) inspired me to post my own nighttime photo of a Portuguese marina. Mine's the one of Funchal on the island of Madeira. And mine's handheld, too, as I no longer own a tripod (:( ) Funchal...