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    Black Crowned Night Heron

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    'Wanna buy a Rolex?'

    Great Blue Heron getting rid of his parasites
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    American Avocet

    Gilbert, AZ
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    No word association?

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    No word association?

  6. icassell

    No word association?

  7. icassell

    No word association?

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    A Load of Bokeh

  9. icassell

    The song title game

    I'm a believer -- Monkees
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    Thanks, Marc. The Jackrabbit (also known as the Black-Tailed Hare) is not a rabbit, but rather a true hare that lives in our Southwestern deserts.
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    '08 Assignment- "REFLECTIONS" -No Due date

    I didn't know whether to put this in the "Shadows" or the "Reflections" thread ... so I put it in both ...
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    I didn't know whether to put this in the "Shadows" or the "Reflections" thread ...
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    Yet another Avocet

    These guys are rapidly becoming my favorite bird to photograph.
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    Red Eye Issues

    Thanks. Eric, the early morning light is coming from viewers RHS (note the catchlight). I'll play with the saturation, Dick, and see what happens.
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    The song title game

    Out on the streets - Twisted Sister
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    American Avocet Chick

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    Red Eye Issues