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    WTB: Canon 50L 1.2 and 24-70L

    Looking for sharp copies with no focus issues. Prefer UV or newer date code.
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    FS: 2x 30Ds and BG-E2

    I am selling both my backup 30Ds and one BG-E2 Battery grip. Both work great, normal wear on hotshoes from flashes. I can post pics if needed. 30Ds - $475 shipped BG-E2 w/ AA adapter - $130 shipped All items have original boxes and come with the strap, battery, and charger. Ill throw in a...
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    Couple from this weekends shoot. 1 2
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    FS: Canon 30D

    Selling one of my 30Ds. Camera has roughly 20k actuations. Taken very good care of. Minor wear on hotshoe and minor mark on display plastic. Takes excellent photos and never let me down. Includes: 30D Box w/ insturctions Cables Battery and Charger 1GB CF card $700 Shipped and insured...
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    Steal my sunshine.

    Shot this on my way home from work, it rained a few hours later.
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    Some recent work.

    Been super busy lately, but figured id share some recent work.
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    Canon XTi

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    Winter Warmth.

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    leads to just messing around.
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    Upstate NY

    Anyone Upstate around the Albany area? If so and you ever want to shoot, let me know. I have a slow weekend and have been dying to shoot as of late. shoot me a PM or email. :)
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    Bridal session from the weekend.

    Some of my favorites from this weekends shoot. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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    I did a modeling shoot last week, something different from the norm and I had an absolute blast. Here are some of my favorites.
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    My photography trip to Acadia National Park

    Figured Id semi document the trip from my perspective... ill be updating this over the next week, adding photos and such as I get time to go through them... Overall I had an absolute blast, despite the long drive and weather, I wouldnt think twice on making the trip again. I decided to take...
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    Ducati Anyone?

    1 2 3
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    E-shoot 10/14

    I absolutely Love these two. Thought I would share.
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    E-shoot from yesterday.

    These were taken middle of the day as I had two shoots yesterday. Lighting was very difficult but I think I managed ok. These are a couple of my quick favorites, no real PP. Any thoughts? tips? things I could have done better? It was in a park with pretty harsh sun/ shade transitions as you can see.
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    WTB: Canon 24-70 f2.8 L or 28-70 f2.8 L

    looking for good condition, with hood and caps, preferred with box and acces. but not required.Thanks!
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    My dog Coral

    Shes usually busy running around and playing with toys, but for some reason she was being a perfect little angel today.
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    Fun Engagement shoot

    Had a great shoot last night, The couple was alot of fun. Only had time to go through them quickly last night, but these two I couldnt wait to get up! :)