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    Need some help on Lumix DMC-FZ5

    Ok, so Im getting a point and shoot for those times I want to take pictures but dont feel like packing around my d80 and equipment. I found this on Craigslist. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 digital camera Is that a good deal? 150$, I will probably buy today. It's only 5mp though, will a 5mp still...
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    Good point and shoot?

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 digital camera Is this a good deal? I might buy today.
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    Good point and shoot?

    Im looking to buy a new Digital Camera this week. But, Im looking at a point and shoot. Something to carry with me, when I don't feel like packing around my D80 and other equipment. I still want CLEAR, nice pictures. And I want the digital camera to be " Sturdy ", I hate those small cameras that...
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    Why are my pictures so plain?

    The joys of photoshop....
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    Portrait of one of my dogs

    Heres a picture of Tank. My 4 year old, 88LB English Bulldog. I photoshopped it, because Im making post cards out of it to send to my family :D
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    How much is this setup worth

    Becuase Im dumb.. And need money now.. We all do stupid things when in need lol
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    How much is this setup worth

    Just like an estimate of what you think the entire outfit is worth.. not each individual piece... too much work lol
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    How much is this setup worth

    No, Im not gonna sell the 50D to fund the D90. Im going to have both ( My girlfriend will shoot more with the Nikon ), I just gotta wait till after Christmas to buy the D90, because Christmas drains the account for a couple months. I think Im going to switch religions to save money! lol jk
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    New Pictures

    Some random shots, CC welcome. :D The sun was setting in the tree scenes, This gave an awesome orange fall tint to all the trees, etc..
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    How much is this setup worth

    I dont keep jumping? this is the first time Ive ever switched.. I have a D80 and a Canon D50. And right now I prefer the 50d over the d80, so Im going to use it for now. and sell the d80 to fund other stuff Ive got going on. I will be getting a d90 after the beginning of next year ( 3 or 4...
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    How much is this setup worth

    I just got a Canon 50D, and I love it. So, for now Im going to shoot with it, and sell my d80 setup, to fund some other projects, and then hopefully get a d90 soon. Anyways, how much should this setup sell for. Heres a list of what I got. Everything is in perfect shape. No scratches, scuffs or...
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    Fall hike CC

    The first is too overexposed. The rest look nice
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    Something scary For Halloween C&C

    Lol Bitter... That leaves alot to think I think its a cool pic.. Different
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    2nd "portrait style" shoot

    Thanks guys. I noticed I felt more at ease shooting this set. And I didn't even realize I cut off her hand.... Now, I know something else to look out for. Thanks alot
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    2nd "portrait style" shoot

    This is my 2nd attempt at shooting a " Live Model ". These are just a set of Fall Photos that I did today for my Fiances little sister birthday. I know Im still learning, and have a lot left to learn. But we were both super happy with these. ( Im getting a sb600 Flash this coming up week, so no...
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    Photo's " Too Centered "?

    Thanks alot Felix, and aboutatvs
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    Photo's " Too Centered "?

    Just need a little help understanding how/why/what makes a photo " too centered ". Just doesn't make much sense to me. Can anyone explain this or know a link to some good reading? Ive been searching for 2 hours and can't find anything lol Thanks guys
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    Pretty Gurl

    Looks like a Wolf-Hybrid? Right? Kind of Looks like Wolf x Shepherd? I have a Wolf x Malamute Hybrid.
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    First Attempt at Moon Shots C&C Please

    Whats some info you shot this at?
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    Do they all shoot Canon? Quick Question

    Shoot with both. Hell, if you want to get a canon to.. Get a Canon. You don't have to " pick sides". I have a Chevy Suburban, and a Ford F250 King Ranch, lol.. Its like the Canon vs Nikon thing is like Bloods vs Crips lol