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    What is the best way to store your lenses?

    Hello, I recently bought some expensive gear, and i want to store it appropriately. I currently keep all of my gear into my backpack, but i dont think this is the best way to avoid fungus, right? Where should i keep them?
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    Skank's concert (Brazilian rock band)

    Hello! I recently got the chance to cover a concert of a very famous brazilian band named Skank . It was my first concert coverage, so i dont know if i went well or not, i will let you guys decide :345: Any C&C are appreciated. If anyone want to hear a song from the band, here it is:
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    My trip to USA

    Hello guys, First of all, i would like to thank you all for the help in my decision about what gear to get. I ended up buying a D810, a 70-200mm/2.8 VRII, a 14-24mm/2.8G ED, 105mm/2.8 macro and a 50mm 1.8. Here are some of my first shots with my new gear: Beautiful country btw...
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    Help me choose my future "pro gear"

    Hello everyone, I am an "semi-pro" photographer trying to get into the professional scene. I've been photographing mostly skateboard events and trips, and the only reason that i don't do that as much as i want to do is because of the lack of equipement. I currently own a Canon T3i with a...
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    Upgrading from my kit lens (18-135)

    Hey guys, I've been photographing for some time now, and i feel that i am limited by my equip now. I have a T3i with a 18-135mm lens, and what i photograph more are skateboarders. What i mostly need right now: A wide angle lens (the 18mm on a aps-c is not enough for me), a prime aperture lens...
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    Longboard (Skate)

    Hello guys, this is my first thread here. I love sport action photography, and since i have some skater friends who have longboards, i usually take some pictures of them. I am new to photography, got my first camera on august (canon t3i), and i am reading a lot about photography since then, but...