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  1. Val

    Different colours in web browser

    Im using Vista 64 and Firefox. Pictures look darker and more reddish in Firefox. And this is almost exactly matches how my prints look. Colours in PS and windows picture viewer are less saturated. Whats up with that?
  2. Val

    Wideangle needed with 17-55?

    Right now im using 18-200, but will be switching to 17-55 and 70-200. Im also contemplating the need for 12-24. The thing is that now i tend to think that i dont. For really wide creative shots ive got 10.5mm fisheye. 18mm is mostly wide enough for normal use. Usually i find i need wider view...
  3. Val

    16-85 vs 17-55

    Assuming 16-85 has about the same distortion and a tiny bit less sharp, which one would you pick? Im a sucker for fast lenses but im also a sucker for VR. If im shooting at night at 24mm, f2.8 will allow me to go only 1/20 at around 24mm, while with f4 and VR i will shoot 1/6 no problem! If i...
  4. Val

    Compact and light 18-75mm 2.8 VR

    So... I want compact, light, well-build, reasonably sharp, distortion-free 18-75mm 2.8 with VR. Im prepared to pay $3000. Where do i get one? :)
  5. Val

    How to stitch panoramas?

    I tried in PS, but its a long and painful process :( Is there any miracle plug-in or other software to do it nice and easy? :D
  6. Val

    D300 and 18-200: DUST!!!

    Ive got D300 about 2 weeks ago. I made around 3500 shots. During that time i managed to get dust EVERYWHERE :x Camera: - viewfinder - BEHIND lcd glass Lens: - INSIDE on the second glass from top and on lower glass as well FFS this is supposed to be weather and dust proof :confused: and i did...
  7. Val

    Disadvanteges of frequent cleaning?

    If i set my camera to clean sensor on every on/off operation, are there any reasons not to do it? Camera is D300.
  8. Val

    Vacum cleaning DSLR?

    So... Is it safe to vacum clean your DSLR? Apparently it removes dust from viewfinder, from behind LCD and even from sesor.
  9. Val

    AF-ON button?

    Could you explain correct use of this button? Its on my camera and i never touch it. Seems a little pointless to me?
  10. Val

    RAW vs JPG: battery life

    I seems that battery life is differnent when shooting in different modes like raw, jpg and raw+jpg. Has anyone done any tests?
  11. Val

    Hot pixels question! (semi-urgent)

    I'll be brief. Bought D80. Discovered it had 2 hot pixels showing up at higher ISOs. Near centre and close together. Annoying. In a month sold D80, bough D300. Forgot to test for hot pixels (dump arse!:grumpy:). Discovered it had two hot pixels also at higher ISOs. Not so close and nearer to...
  12. Val


    with lemon! ;)
  13. Val

    Black Snow

    Inversion gave the snow a lot more depth a wave-like form. What do you think?
  14. Val

    18-200 test

    Alright so people hate 18-200 on this forum :D Here are two images: one is taken with 18-200, other with 50 1.8. How can you determine which one is made with with 18-200? I cant see any difference.
  15. Val

    D300: ISO and NR

    Hey guys. I searched around for comparisons of different NR settings and what effect they have on the image at different ISOs on Nikon D300, but didnt find anything. So i did a quick one myself. Configuration: Lens Nikkor 50/1.8 @ /4 JPG normal quality optimised, vivid +3 sat, d-lightning...
  16. Val

    CF card makes any difference?

    Does card speed have any effect on shooting speed? As far as i understand it all goes into the camera buffer. Im thinking of getting Extrem III instead of IV for bigger size. III is still pretty fast but i can go upto 16GB and forget about any more cards.
  17. Val

    Some pics from mountain trip

    This one i call haven And this one inferno :wink:
  18. Val

    Fast prime for DX?

    So what lens do i get for a DX camera if i want to shoot in low light in a party-like environment?
  19. Val

    Red dot on D80?!

    So my D80 decided to get me a present for New Year :( i photographed the whole party, came back home, opened up the shots and noticed that most of them had a red dot on them in the same place. Higher iso images seem to have it in most visible way. Here is an example: WTF?! :grumpy: Photos are...
  20. Val


    Here are some images i did as an experiment. They dont bear any significant meaning, i was just interested in what kind of emotional response they summon. PS was used for colour correction and cropping. All of them made without leaving my flat :)