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  1. ksven

    Water shoot, c&c appreciated :]

    Poor girls were freezing. It was late in the evening so the lighting wasnt too fantastic. But hey, I worked with what I had :] Looking forward to hearing critisizm, thanks
  2. ksven

    Maternity Shoot

    A friend of mine is about to pop soon, so she wants me to do photos of her next week. I got lighting and and all that set up. But any creative poses or anything anybody can think of? I'd love some ideas. I've never done this before :]
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  4. ksven

    Just a Portrait

  5. ksven

    Mini waterfall

    that is all
  6. ksven

    amateur close ups. critiques??

    Just some of my friends. Using a canon digital rebel...somthin. hah, i really dont recall at the moment. 2nd year graphic design/photography class. :]
  7. ksven

    It never ends
  8. ksven

    Potrait with new digital

    Picture of my twin sister. We just got a new digital camera today. Um.. Kodak Z712 IS. C&C? Not to thrilled with it, more of a tester shot for the camera.
  9. ksven

    Just for fun

  10. ksven

    Cutie :]

    A bit dark, But I still think its cute :]
  11. ksven

    Broken Camera? :[

    I just a bought a new roll of film, loaded it in my camera, and everything sounded great until I actually went to take a photo. I noticed that the little sign on the screen was blinking that signaled there was something wrong with the film. Opened up my camera and the film rewound back into the...
  12. ksven

    Just a few shots.

    1 2 3
  13. ksven

    Her silly face and boogers :]

    My four year old sister, jordan lee. :] critique?
  14. ksven


    Heres some shots off my canon rebel s II 35mm. My little sister and some cats. hah. pros and/or cons? 1 2 3 4 5 6
  15. ksven

    Any Ideas?

    so. i've got a four year old and countless princess dresses, along with great lighting from windows and black and white film. hah, any creative ideas pop into mind? :]
  16. ksven

    I cant get enough of these guys.

    :] all they're videos are awesome.
  17. ksven

    Calm winter day

  18. ksven

    Cleaning lens

    tips? i dont have anything to clean it with, like no kit or anything. any suggestions to on how to get rid of those annoying specks.
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    1 2 3 4 5 I for one, think they're better than the first roll.
  20. ksven

    little sister.

    feedback? I have some complaints myself. This was taken maybe two days after xmas. Also two days after i first got my camera