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  1. chente922

    best all around lens???

    For my next buy, I'm looking for a good all around lens with good zoom, tired of been changing between my 18-50 and my 75-300... I've being thinking in the canon IS 28-135 f/3.5... what other options do I got? what u guys have or what u guys recommend? thanks in advance
  2. chente922

    Guess How This Happened?

    It's a HDR composition of 3 expositions. Done in photomatix and a little twitching in PS. Guess how I got the shot... C&C are welcome too
  3. chente922

    my first macros since i got the my new 100mm f/2.8

    I got my macro lens (100mm f/2.8) for my b-day and could get my hands off it since then... here are some of the best ones.. #1 #2 #3. My Green Friend #4
  4. chente922

    Canon AE-1 how much?

    A friend of mine found an old canon ae-1 with two lenses and a flash that was of her father but he doesn't uses it anymore and wants to sale it. I'm interested in it but how much could I pay for it, since she doesn't even know how much to ask for the camera...
  5. chente922

    Decisions... (Domino)

    Some retired gentlemen playing domino at the Plaza del Mercado in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. It's really interesting how well they are at this game, analizing every move since the beginning.
  6. chente922

    Boys of Blue

  7. chente922

    At a Red Light...

    Stopping at a red light, I found myself with this scene. This is why I always have my camera at reach... had the opportunity to snap about 10 shots before the light turned green
  8. chente922

    Another Rainy Day...

  9. chente922


    While waiting on a train station for the heavy april rain to stop...
  10. chente922

    Day before studio deadline...

    1. One of my best girl friends, sad protrait the day before studio deadline at architecture school.... she looks frustrated
  11. chente922

    Motionless Emotions

    Just today I brought my camera to college and start snapping some pics randomly at my friends. They kinda came out really emotional and that's what inspired this photo theme. What else can you see on them? and also add your own pics, too!!! C&C welcome.... 1. Confusion? 2. Playful? 3...
  12. chente922

    Overcontrasting...... it works??

    Unexpectedly, I found myself loving the way over-saturated pictures look... here's the last one I've done, C&C welcome...
  13. chente922

    Weekend @ Gran Melia

    As always, C&C are welcome... 1. Front fountain of the Gran Melia Hotel 2. 3.
  14. chente922

    Friend Wedding @ Botanical Garden in Puerto Rico

    One of my friends became married this sunday, the wedding was pretty simple but really cute since it was at the Botanical Garden of the University of Puerto Rico. So, he asked me and another friend of ours to cover his wedding photography since they didn't want to spend a lot in an expensive...
  15. chente922

    Architectural Photography. Puerto Rico Convention Center

    Designed by the 2002 AIA Architecture Firm Award winning firm of Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and Associates, along with local Architect of Record Jimenez-Rodriguez Barcelo Finished on November 2005 and currently has won over 23 architecture awards, locally and internationally C&C...
  16. chente922

    HDR. Castillo San Cristobal en Puerto Rico

    finally my first HDR... what you guys think? C&C welcome...
  17. chente922

    Cats! Cats! Cats!

    Just a couple of pics of my gf's cats. I overwork the contrast on purpose, kinda like the look... C&C are always welcome... 1. Peek-A-Boo 2. 3. 4.
  18. chente922

    ppl with facebook or myspace accounts??

    starting by myself... I use both and feel free to search name. Vicente Gasco Gomez e-mail.
  19. chente922

    Just My Everyday Bird

    this is some really common bird here in Puerto Rico through the lens of my camera C&C Welcome like always... #1 #2
  20. chente922

    Running Away From...

    since I work out, I've seen exercise like not just a way to keep in shape and having good health but just some kind of therapy, the other day I went to this park nearby my house and snapped some pictures about this... the idea was to shot people like if they were running away from me... since...