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    Can't seem to wrap my head around color chems

    So I've been developing my own B&W film for years now, and I feel it's time to move onto color processes. Thing is, I can't figure out what exactly I need to buy for chemicals. I'm interested in both E-6 and C-41. If someone could give me a list of things I new for one or the other (or both!)...
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    RB67 Owners: Mirror Lock-Up Issue

    I'm using two separate shutter release cables to use the mirror lock up, and I'm having an issue. Here's what I'm doing: Release cable into the lens, release cable into the shutter release on the camera body. I first activate the release on the body, and the mirror goes up. I then activate...
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    Mamiya RB67 owners - Tripod?

    I have an RB67 coming to me on Tuesday, and am fairly certain my $25 tripod isn't going to be up to the task of supporting this monster. So I'm asking you guys, what do you put between the ground and your camera? I'd really only like to spend around $150, which I know is probably in the "cheap"...
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    Getting 220 developed....

    I'm planning to buy my first MF camera next week (I'm leaning toward a Mamiya RB67 right now), and am wondering what is the best way to get the film developed. I'm hoping to be able to develop B&W film myself by September, but I would also like to shoot some E6 and C41, and I don't have any way...
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    Not your standard monitor inquiry....

    So the new thing on the consumer display market is LED backlighting. My question is: Is an LED backlit TN display any better or worse than just a regular TN display? I assume viewing angles would still be problematic, but certainly the backlighting would be more even, no?
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    Anyone seen this? Pentax 645 digital... I found this while searching for info on the film version of the Pentax 645. Seems they announced a digital version almost 2 years ago (I found this on more than one website). Anyone know if they...
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    Tripods: 3-way Pan head vs. Ball head

    What's everyone's opinion on these two tripod heads? I've only ever used a pan head on a cheapo tripod, and it seems to me that the ball head would be more likely to slip with a heavy camera. So if you have experience with both, tell me the pros and cons of each.
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    To all you product/studio photographers, where can I get some plexiglass? I'm not interested in buying a shooting table, I just need a small sheet the occasional product shot. Any suggestions?
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    Anyone order from Keh lately?

    I ordered a lens from Keh last Wednesday, and the status on their webpage still says Pending. At first I figured it was just because it's a holiday weekend, but now I'm getting a little nervous. I emailed them yesterday, and still no reply. Anyone else having issues?
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    Filter Size (Lens Diameter) and Exposure

    Been looking to upgrade my walk-about lens lately, and I've been trying to wrap my head around filter sizes. Google was no help, so I thought I'd bring it here. What is the difference, in terms of the amount of light coming in, between say a lens with a 58mm filter size and a lens with a 77mm...
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    Nikon flash on a Canon

    I'm really wanting to get a new flash so I can start doing some better off-camera stuff. I've been looking at the Nikon SB-24, and I'm wondering if I would be able to use it on my Canon XT. I assume TTL metering wouldn't work, but would I run into any other issues? For now I plan on using a PC...
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    Canon EOS-1N

    Does anyone use this camera? I usually prefer full-manual cameras for film, but I'm planning on buying some nice glass for my Canon XT this summer and it would be nice to be able to use it for film stuff as well. I figure if I'm going to buy a "modern" film camera I might as well buy a nice one...
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    Playing around with my homemade softbox.....

    CC welcome and encouraged :) 1. 2. 3.
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    Question about ordering from MPix

    I want to order some prints from MPix, and I want to make sure of a few things first. I'm going to be putting 8x10 images in an 11x13 mat. Should I submit 8x10 images and order 8x10 prints, or should I add a border for the mat? If I do add a border (making the total size 11x14) would I have to...
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    No0b time: Pushing ISO 50

    I've got some ISO 50 film (Ilford). I'm afraid I may have underexposed the roll. How does this speed respond to being pushed a stop? I hate to do it, but I'd rather have grainy images I can work with than crystal clear crap.
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    So as not to hijack: Hand coloring

    I was wondering if someone could provide some incite on hand coloring, or maybe just share some experiences. What exactly does this process entail? Are there any special chemicals involved, or will any old dyes/oils work?
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    Old Russian Rangefinders

    What's the scoop on these things? They go pretty cheap on eBay, are they any good? I'm not expecting miracles, just something to play around with. I'm particularly looking at the FED-2.
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    Pushing film, and EI

    I've got a couple questions regarding film speed. I'm mostly concerned with black and white film, but I'm sure some of this applies to color film as well. First, what is the difference between ISO and EI? Second, let's say I'm using a 400 speed film, and I want to push it to 1600. What...
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    Alright, so here's my first attempt at portraits

    I've never been much of a fan of portrait photography, but I didn't have much of a choice here. I've got a portrait assignment due next week (B&W film, so I won't be using these) and I figured I might as well practice with the old dSLR. Let me know how I did. 1. Atop a mountain at Acadia...
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    Exposing/Developing Paper Twice?

    This should be a fairly simple question..... Here's what I'm trying to do: I want to expose an image, develop it, and then expose the image to white light so I can "paint" on developer to get some black lines. Is this at all possible? Will the second exposure ruin the first image?