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    Rock The Dress

    I was a secondary shooter/idea giver at a rock/trash the dress shoot... Chose three that I'd like some input on. Thanks. If they suck, tell me - I'm tough. :sexywink: 1. 2. 3.
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    Took this, liked it, need feedback. Thanks!
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    These are from the Dodge circuit last weekend. C&C appreciated. Some of them have fence in the foreground... Unfortunate but I can't do much about it. Lots of pics. :er: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13...
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    Pink Sunset

    C&C please. I took this and think there is something wrong with it, but can't put my finger on it... Thanks.
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    This is of Morgan.. Who was a Morgan horse. He died of colic a couple months ago, and I drew this for his owner. She loved it... What do y'all think?
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    These were taken in Drumheller, Alberta. Don't yawn too hard... rofl. :er: Critque is welcome. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Wow. These truly are boring. Let me know what you think... BTW I highly recommend a visit here- absolutely amazing to see in person.
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    TB Foals

    Went to a TB breeding farm today... Really really wished that I had a better camera, but what can ya do? Most of what I took are snapshots.... but thought these ones turned out okay. Okay yea the other ones are crappy! Oh, and I realize his ears are cut off ^... he just came toward...
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    Lambs of 2008...

    Just some snaps of some sheep!
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    As the title says... C&C needed!
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    I just found this photo in one of my folders of shots that I didn't really like. I decided to experiment in PS, and came up with something that I kind of like. BTW, it is both a miracle that it turned out, and the horse's name is Miracle! Before After C&C is needed desparately... :)
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    My Cat- Blue

    C&C welcome.
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    Chevrolet Apache

    This is my Grandpa's old truck, it's been left to rot in our bush... took a bunch of shots but thought this one was cool. C&C ALWAYS welcome...
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    Rosebud In The Snow

    Hi guys... I took this picture the other day and I need some help. As you can see, it is oversaturated- I've tried everything I can think of on Photoshop to fix it, and everything makes it look bad. If someone could possibly help me out, I would be very appreciative!!!! :hug::
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    Okay well.... This is a dodge pickup... LOVE this truck, everyone else calls it a POS.. oh well. C&C please. They are PS'd. The originals were terrible... taken in the evening when the lighting was BRUTAL. oh well. I like these. 1. 2. 3. And don't even bother with this, I'm...
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    Charlie- A Border Collie

    Okay well I am not sure about these ones. The lighting wasn't anything to speak of, and it made his marking into blobs. I liked the B&W versions better, so here. C&C welcomed!!!! # 1- His nose is bugging me here!!!! Otherwise...? # 2 - The edit, it is too obvious? # 3-...
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    Fallen Beauty...

    Okay before I go all poetic, I'll just post the dang thing. C&C would be greatly appreciated on all accounts.
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    My friend took these, and I edited... 1- before 1- After 2- Before 2- after Is the edit too much??? I can't tell... C&C entirely welcome. Just remember, the idea wasn't mine... lol Tricia
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    Hi... Need as many opinons on this as possible... So post whatever you think. ;)
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    Right so I took this yesterday... Just want general opinion and how I could do better with lighting/composition, etc? And just for laughs.... :-P
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    Picture Edit...

    Not sure where this belongs. This shot was taken by my friend- she asked me to edit it for her. Before (Although I had edited the green thinger in this shot too) After All comments, criticism, etc etc are welcome. I didn't take the picture, just edited it. ;)